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Kidnapping negotiator kidnapped in Sao Paulo

 It all took less than five minutes and the blue Volvo S60 which Mr.Octavio Carrera dos Santos 58 was bundled in  sped off like the wind. Carrera a well known kidnapping negotiator who has been running his own kidnapping negotiating consultancy  since retiring three years ago as a stock broker was way laid in his Toyota station wagon at approximately 19:45hrs SPT[sao paulo time] as he was waiting for the gates of his home to open.

Normally kidnappings don't make headlines any more in Brazil unless it involves o a high profile and rich  individual or their families but  mister Carrera's case shook the nation not that he was very high profile or rich but interestingly one of the statistics which make up the rising numbers of kidnapping negotiator kidnappings and attempted kidnappings.

 a CAD of a similar vehicle  used to kidnap the kidnap negotiator. It is believed to have been a stolen vehicle but neither the negotiator nor the Volvo have been found yet

"Nevertheless, Carrera is well known and by all measures a celebrity to many individual Paulistas as residents of Sao Paulo are known who have enlisted his services and several others in the same field to secure the release of their friends or relatives who were held captive for ransom.

" the guy negotiated from 10,000 Brazilian Reals to 5,000 for the release of my brother- now who can beat that" said Xavier; which goes to show Carrera was not only in the service of the rich but also the less well off.

"And what's interesting-wait for it- all free of charge, not a single Reais " he added and such was his generosity.

But don't be fooled Carrera was not a struggling and/or rookie kidnapping negotiator.

" he is one of the most sought after kidnapping negotiators not only in Brazil but our neighbours such as Colombia and Mexico" said Seargent Uluiru of the Anti-kidnapping division [DAS] " and this was the more reason we kept his name out of the public domain as much as we could but it is obvious we can't do that any more thanks to the 'gangs'" added Uluiru referring to the kidnapping negotiator kidnappers.

Though the main reason for kidnapping is economic  details slowly emerging show that no ransom appeal has been made for Carrera for the last 48 hrs; the normal waiting period thresh-hold.

Due to the cut-throat competition in the kidnapping business of the most entrepreneurial city in Latin America , supply has been driving ransom demand;as you read earlier as low as 5,000 Reals. So has the need for tough negotiators.

It is believed that kidnappers who didn't even know they needed professional kidnapping negotiators and the kidnapped persons' family members who had not heard of such a thing are now waking up to the new reality.

"It is a push-pull situation with the professionals who were in short supply to begin with, even in shorter supply and this takes to extreme the market forces of demand and supply. Too much demand with too little supply eventually leads to the 'when push comes to shove' scenario we are seeing now" explained Dr. Yoaquin PhD.MBA, an economist based in Sao Paulo.

"as you can see, even the poor are not kidnap proof anymore" said Valentino an official of the PNSP[national plan for public safety].

" it's no longer secret there is need for tougher kidnapping negotiators on both ides". Even the rich are pretty hard to milk" he added.

"The payment was usually agreed upon and the exchange happened in a matter of days-now it takes months. As the gangs say time is money;and you're not the only Paulistas waiting to be kidnapped or [mother of Christ forbid] re-kidnapped." concluded Valentino

Finally, Uluiru got communication from Carrera's family members. A newspaper cutting which assured the family their loved one is going to fine and will be treated humanely and if he co-operates they might even send them a few thousand American dollars.

There was no word-yet, of when they will release him but a full search was on-going  in all the outlying favelas[informal settlements aka slums]

Seargent Uluiru expressed  fears he was being flown to Bogota or Somalia or Afghanistan or Niger or heaven knows where.

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