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Italian Pizza makers lash out at America for making non-conforming, non-standard Pizzas

 Italian Pizza makers have lambasted the CIA [culinary institute of america] for making Pizzas not conforming to the internationally  agreed upon specifications.

Speaking to reporters outside Tony Pizza, Fabrizio, a cook at the popular Pizzeria explained a real and genuine Pizza Napoletana had to be 3mm thick, 11/2 cm thick at the edges and the rim should be slanting upwards at an angle of 75 degrees from the base of the plate on which it is served.

" anything less, well you will be eating something but definitely not the genuine, authentic Napoletana" he said.

"oh! almost forgot. The topping need contain basil, San Marzano tomatoes and  mozzarella di Bufala Campana cheese"

This came amidst allegations that CIA graduates have been making non-compliant variants of the original delicacy but the Italians were most infuriated by the use of kneading machines whilst the instructions were very clear 'hand kneading only'.

American pizzas making which for long has contained local toppings such as cheeseburgers and barbecued chicken to the ire of the Italians, has also been described as mediocre and rebellious.

" pizza is an Italian dish so we call the shots and this has got nothing to do with big brother" said Annastacio Paccelini an Italian tourist to Manhattan.

"it's a shame they can't even make  [variant] Pizza Margherita right"

                the genuine napoletana; measurements, toppings and all

Under pressure and and following the negative publicity  CIA promised to review it's syllabus and a 'pie in the face' of the principal considered largely a publicity stunt for the cameras.

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