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Mosquito Net Campaigners Disappointed Most Donated Nets Used As Bath Sponges

Nothing but, a campaign website driven by the passion of it's donors who donate money to buy mosquito nets for the African child, has reported in a finding that in most instances the nets are cut  into 4 by 6 and 10 by 10 pieces to be used respectively by children and ignorant adults as bath sponges.

This report comes as a disappointment to founders who lobby hard for the children of Africa to have some protection from the deadly malaria disease which claims about a million young lives a year only for their efforts to be subjected to the contempt of  scummy bathwater.

"you know, if we wanted cleaner African children we would be doing a 'one small bathtub per child' campaign" said a  visibly irritated Jamie, communications director of the worthy cause.

George Abayomi, a volunteer  for the organisation named  Ugandan as the worst affected in the east African region but quickly moved on to explain countries like Bulungu and  Bayengele are "just as terrible".

" not that i have anything against the Ugandans but it's time we call a spade a spade and to be honest, they are the worst violators thus far" he added.

Ashton Kutcher's led Twitter-celeb mosquito nets programme which plans to provide 600 million nets by 2010 was re-considering strategy.

" maybe we should aim for a billion fly swats" suggested a top aide.

A visit by the NewsYnc-Africa team  to verify facts on the ground found out not only was mosquito net misuse widespread amongst the population but the insecticide accompanying it was being used  for seed dressing [a chemical application  before planting to protect seeds from disease and insects].
     one of the rare cases of a mosquito net being put in it's rightful use

On further inquiry, the local Plant and Animal husbandry officer denied the allegations but on production of  evidence he admitted these were isolated cases and went on further saying was partly to blame.

" they didn't leave any money for training and ten o'clock tea so you can't put blame on us completely"

After a long day our team finally took to the waters of Lake Victoria for a quick  dip to counter the mid-afternoon   heat when one of us had his leg caught up under something.

"for Chrissake if they could only stop using the mosquito nets for fishing "

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