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al-Qaeda denies link to failed suicide plane bomber

Californian born Adan Gadahn, American  spokesman for the world's most successful terror network al-Qaeda denied involvement 'whether financial, material, logistical, ideological or otherwise' to the failed plane bombing of a Detroit bound Northwest Airline Flight 253 owned by Delta airlines on Christmas day.

  "why did the dummy wait till it released the landing gear, that's not our style, we do it mid air" said Gadahn

This followed allegations by a certain  23 year old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab a Nigerian born  Mechanical Engineering student in UCL[University CollegeLondon] and now a bona-fide failed kamikaze who tried to down a plane on Christmas day.

In a prepared  good quality video Gadahn said 'to begin with and considering our  track record, we are not an organisation of failures and half-baked terrorists-or plane bombers so to speak'.

"let me make one thing  clear. That kid is lying" he said.
Terror and behavioral experts who studied the tape  noted a high  percentage of sincerity taking into account the number of times Gadahn wagged his first finger and maintained a steady gaze whilst talking but the FBI had reservations.

" he could be the best actor they have- who knows they got drama classes we don't know about and is it coincidence he comes from California the home of Hollywood" said Mark Leggins, not his real name [a secret agent].

George Drake, a retired US army explosive expert now running his own consultancy entertained the fact al-Qaeda might not be wholly involved but 'we have their fingerprints in that failed mission' and 'they definitely knew what was going on', a charge vehemently denied by Gadahn.

"the explosives, a powder and some liquid which it is understood the boy strapped in his sock and some sewed on his pants are all signatures of the network- i know they are fond of Glycerine." said Drake

"But the incompetence; 20minutes in the bathroom, melted syringe, pop sound, it just doesn't add up. He could have heaven forbid done in the bathroom for all al-Qaeda cares. It's still part of the plane isn't it" he added, underscoring the fact he did not intend the explosives to go off unless he is misunderstood.

"the only logical explanation- the kid was Yellow-militarily and militantly speaking"

On this, Gadahn agreed.

" what Jihadist will get all jumpy and sweaty palms on the promise of paradise" he added conveniently leaving out the virgin part for PG.

the bombers Dad, a prominent banker in Lagos Mr Umaru Abdulmuttalab said he got concerned with his boys radical view and shared his concerns with authorities who he believed had him a some terrorist list or the other.

Nigerian authorities denied Farouk was a Nigerian citizen.

" we in Nigeria are better known to the world for the 419 financial scams, the yahoo! yahoo! boys not blowing up planes. We are the  yahoo! yahoo! boys not the bang! kaboom! boys" said an official who requested his name not be pulished.

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