Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Silvio Berlusconi hits a cathedral statuette with his face

 It is reported the Italian Prime minister allegedly hit a  marble statue with his face or was hit by a limestone cathedral gargoyle or it was thrown at him or maybe was dropping and flew towards him  while he was signing autographs and/or giving hi-fives to his [mostly] supporters after a political rally near Milan's central Piazza del Duomo.

                                    see, am fine. just a flesh wound 

If it was ever thrown at him, it is not clear the assailant Massimo Tartaglia, 42 or probably  Montessimos Tartaglia who could pass as 47 years old was responsible for the vicious attack which cost the PM two of his teeth but unofficial reports put the number of knocked out teeth as six

Montessimos or Massimo or  whatever was suspected to be mentally unstable at the time of the attack by eyewitness  Berlusconi  supporters but again who amongst them is not.

The incident as expected, shocked the political establishment  and was condemned in strong words by some of Italy's politicians.

Umberto Bossi, leader of the Northern league, a  coalition partner of the PM's People of Liberty party condemned the incident as "an act of terrorism".

Former Italian opposition leader Walter Veltroni  described it as a 'barbaric act of discontentment with a politician which he wouldn't wish happening to himself'

" what if it was a sawed-off shotgun" he added

As the Prime Minister was recovering at the 'Saint' Raffaelle or 'Santa' Raffaelle hospital which could be a private clinic, a number of conspiracy theories have been doing the rounds within Italy  trying to explain this mysterious, uncalled for series of terrible events.

" i fear this is the  work of Cosa Nostra. Since Berlusconi turned his back on that Mafia turncoat and started   arresting its members, well, what do you expect when a serpente[snake] is cornered? of course it strikes back" said a Napoli[Naples] resident whose name or even sex we cannot reveal for obvious reasons.

Corriere della Sera describes such theories as pure nonsense.

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