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the Kenyan Knight; what's with Black men and 'lousy' jobs

 Dr. Patrick Lumumba Otieno a high flying  eloquent Nairobi  lawyer popularly known by his initials PLO [ nothing to do with the paramilitary group Palestinian Liberation Organisation we hope] has been nominated for the country's lousiest job. A director of KACC [ Kenya Anti Corruption Commission].

A Kenyan of Kenyan origin, to stress no  relation to Patrice Lumumba, Dr. Lumumba is faced with the task of slaying a dragon just like the  medieval knights in shining armor, with a Lance and all only this time  instead of breathing fire and  roaring  it's vomiting on it's own Dragon shoes.

Being a perpetual optimist who believes "Third World is a state of the mind and until we change our attitude as Africans, if there is a fourth, fifth and even sixth world, we will be in it.” he oddly seems to be happy with his almost- to-be new [lousy] job,  flashing his trademark  stupid Sensodyne white  grin characteristic  of a man not aware of the amount  of shit he's about to chew.

" am praying his armor comes out  in the same  conditions as it went in- pristine and  shiny and not dull and lacking in luster" prayed  Wanjiku, a member of The Jehovah Witness.

While critics say PLO has no prior experience in  dealing with 'Dragons' which is a euphemism used to describe the rot in the country it is believed his excellent grasp of the English language will come  in handy but exactly how nobody really  knows.

He was once in a lecture hall and was [mis]quoted as saying,  [mis] quote  "the power of  calligraphy  is stronger than the power of an unseating  Lance" end [mis] quote which loosely translates  " the pen is mightier than the sword."

" ever heard of KISS  Doc?" a retard within the hall asked. " it means Keep It Simple Stupid" he answered himself,  adding " no offence."

"Indeed no offence on intent as in any offence caused, felt or implied by such a disambiguation is purely coincidental and has no  bearing as to the the context of the phrase used because we all know a text taken out of context can be a dangerous pretext" responded PLO. " i feel you my brother" he added.

It is widely known impunity is a forgone conclusion in the corridors of  Integrity Center, seat of the Anti corruption commission of  Kenya and some doubt the good Dr. is  as squeaky and incorruptible as believed.

 "Holly cows and hyenas have already christened him our LPO [Local Purchase Order]" said one informer hyena who asked for a bribe to talk to us.

" talks are already underway to determine the 'buy-ability' of this newb with some being  supremely confident as saying it's not a matter of 'if' but when and  how much" he added.

Lumumba's is not  the first  case of a  clever individual handed a lousy job and smiling about it.  In January   another clever individual  inherited two wars and a financial crisis for a job; sheesh!! whilst another one almost  landed a lousy job right here in our homeland during the same period.

No problem! no sweat! nothing but a chicken wing but do they all have to be of Kenyan  origin, black and Luo?

Heaven help the Black man

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  1. Obama is destroying what makes the USA great. He is a dangerous fool. If you follow his example. Kenya will never pule itself out of poverty.