Sunday, 29 November 2009

Barrack Obama's first fantastic thankless Thanksgiving speech P t. 2

and  am not gonna duck the hot potato issues either as my Republican post commentary critics say.. They say every politician  is a liar and the only truthful politican was Truman because he said “the buck stops here”.

Well, my fellow Americans am the re-incarnation of the truth. Your messiah who is going to deliver affordable health care and set you free from the  shackles of  under-insurance by those big  health insurers.

And for the 46.3million  uninsured Americans out there, your day is come. You can now afford to get sick.

I also understand you're sick  of that eyesore Guantanamo bay. Well, maybe not all of you but  I know my friends in the not-for-profits and grassroots can't stand it and that's what matters. I'll need their influence  and of course money come 2013 and thats all that is important.

Am closing that Gulag  and even though I  admit I might miss my January 2010 deadline I know  can and we will shut it down as soon as possible probably before 2011. Never mind theres some construction of a block going on  now or, maybe I said a similar thing last year but I still have this gut feeling  that we can.

And to the Cuban-Americans, this will be a thanksgiving to be truly thankful for. Number one, me  as your President and number two, It was also about the time Fidel Castro got really sick. I would not   advocate Obamacare for him if I were you  and to put it frankly I don't take it kindly on competition  especially when it comes to delivering  speeches.

Number three, I might just wake up one morning and decide the embargo thing is off, the ball is in your 'other' leader's court. And you might even be able to send as many dollars as you  can send  back to your relatives in Cuba- or have I done that already.

Our hand is still  stretched out to you but it might just grow numb and lose it's feel if it stays that way for too long and  I bet you don't wanna know what might follow next. Am not making threats here, this is tough love. You know yourselves and damn!! am not even talking to Americans anymore on this   very American holiday. I guess it just goes to prove we are the  world.

Peeps!! hope i have covered  Domestic, Foreign, Economic and..i think I must have  left out  the environment but  I promise to get back to it after Copenhagen December 9th.

Busy schedule, gotta go my subjects but be sure to follow  my State of the Union weekly  addresses   on VOA  and  News Ync.and may God Bless America.

Now to the more pressing matters of that  sweet potato pie, coconut cream and lemon meringue.

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