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eventually, the villagers politely declined.

as a tussle ensued as to which camp would predict timely rains, the government was getting nervous it might lose face amongst it's own people for not making accurate predictions or, maybe for even getting the whole thing wrong in the first place.

"the anticipated El-Niño rains might be something akin to the vision 2030, highly publicised, but hardly visible." speculated some.

Some journalists thought it could be a hoax, a public relations gimmick to...maybe keep the government's spin doctor in the job in this economic downturn, or keep the government running smoothly by oiling and cranking the propaganda machinery or maybe as the government spokesman noted, "a rumour mill powered by the galish winds of adversity of the [almost non-existent] opposition".

Meanwhile, while the government was busy choosing it's words carefully in order to come up with newer bluffs for the populace, the rainmaking camp seemed to be working with the seriousness, diligence, commitment, nimbleness and efficiency of the private sector.While the government was asking itself when, they were asking themselves the tougher question, what if?

What if the water we need so much doesn't come from above?

Then it will surely have to come from below. This prompted them to come up with a Plan B. Being the quick witted villagers they were, what with years rain making know- how passed from generation to generation verbally both parties realised the expert Dowsers, those people who find water underground by means of a forked branch, pendulum or wires were neither found in Kenya nor Tanzania.

South Africa was the place but it wasn't yet, clear how underground water would stop KPLC from implementing another round of blackouts, which in turn mean't the TV's won't turn on which in turn would make the women nag for missing out on DHW's- season 5 re-runs which to the rainmakers was the major issue.

"in Lagos they use Brushless Inverter EF2800i 2800watts/23.3amps. OHV-air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder 171cc 12v 8.3 Amp. 3gallon 19.0 by 15.5 by 16.7inch 2yr. warranty back-up Yamaha generators" said another well informed villager being careful not to mention the price.

The government dismissed dowsing as paranormal nonsense but privately feared it might just work.

That evening KBC's weatherman Ngetah Francois reported overcast over most of the the country, light showers in most parts of North Eastern with the El-Niño rains expected somewhere from November 31st followed immediately by the La-Niña not later than Feb.30th 2010.

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