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He has exhausted all avenues of appeal and could be extradited before thanksgiving. [Originally before Christmas. The thanksgiving is ours. I'll explain later}.
Daily Nation Nov. 8th 2009
The embattled Archbishop Gilbert Deya of the Gilbert Deya Ministries is to be brought back to Kenya to face justice, for performing miracles in which babies were conceived of apparently women who could not conceive for biological and/or medical reasons.
“The [perceived] fact, that a human foetus can be conceived without the act of copulation taking place is in itself an inconceivable heresy” said Doctor Albany, a fertility specialist at Queens Medical Center.
“Unless of course, the Holy ghost had a hand in it” he added
According to a local unnamed Liverpudlian GDM churchgoer source, where the ministry owns a Gothic style church building and many others in Manchester, Sheffied and, [FYI] a building permit for yet,another one in Leeds, the Archbishop is said to be in good spirits and none of the conflagration has in any way affected his Sunday summons. Although he admitted it's been long since any 'babies' were 'made'.
“ I believe he's taking a break to replenish his 'creative juices' for yet another round of infant implantation in those barren wombs from North London; poor lasses!!” he added
“ Do you believe in miracles mister reporter?”
Archbishop Deya who has in the recent past been the arch-enemy of the State [of Kenya] but a darling to the childless couples all over , is believed to have a Case No. CO/11637/2007 to answer, of Deya vs Government of Kenya but he believes he is innocent and threatened to take his fight to the Hag...sorry the European Courts of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.
with too many Africans wanted in as many courts in the west, it can be quite confusing who's wanted where, and when; even for CNN....
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