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With only seven months to go to the world's biggest footballing fiesta, earth moving machinery and construction cranes were still visible in some of the six out of ten new stadia under construction.

Organisers of the 2010 South Africa world cup had acknowledged the possibility of everything not being exactly spic and span for the arrival of the anticipated sea of humanity expected to descend on this country for a share of  the action of the 'game of millions.'

Thus the final decision to outsource at least part of the 'non-core' matches was arrived at during a high level retreat of top footballing officials in Sun City.

Soccer pundits in the country confirmed rumours that the Football Process Outsourcing[FPO] debate, coined after the term Business Process Outsourcing [BPO] had been doing rounds in the South Africa Football Association round table as early as April fools  2009.

But the issue wasn't taken; seriously until the unfolding of recent historical events.

The downing of tools and picking of big sticks by the 70,000 strong National Union of Mineworkers members in July for a 13percent increase in wages was a mind opener to the board members.

A brainstorming session was held in SAFA House Johannesburg since it was clear there was need for a 'Plan B'. The FBO subject was taboo to most as it meant capital flight, which led to job flight which led to social disobedience which in turn degenerated into violence and finally xenophobia.

Nevertheless a brave rookie administrative assistant brought up the issue and broke the myth. It was silently gazetted and when people found out, there was outrage.

The rookie was fired but many see him as a scapegoat.

"we were concerned and really, it doesn't take a partially blind man to see that we at SAFA House were operating on borrowed time and running behind schedule" explained Busoswane Vundlela an official.

" but again SAFA with the support of the government of Jacob Zuma would like to take this opportunity to assure all South Africans that the opening matches, semi finals and finals will be played in South Africa" he added, to moderate applause.

It was officially announced in the papers only, given the unpopular nature of the decision that all none core matches otherwise round one matches [with exceptions] will be played in  Hyderabad and Srinagar.

"that is where we could get the best per ninety-minute rates" said Victor Itumeleng FASA's strategic economics advisor.

"but we are open to economically competitive venue suggestions since it is a large country geographically and we are not so familiar with outsourcing football matches to India but again, nobody is" he added.

"and it goes without saying, the biggest winner here is the South African tax payer" he concluded

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