Friday, 27 November 2009

Obama is thankful to them

Barack H. Obama II thanked them for making him President and Commander in chief of their armed forces. “as we mark this day I want to thank you all especially you; yes you the honest, hardworking middle class you for electing me the 44th President of your great nation” he started halfway towards the podium.

After the speech was over the nation stood from their couches and on their feet in front of the telly and gave him a huge round of applause which could have brought the roof down.

Later on he gave a press conference in the press room which revealed a lot of unsaid stuff the President really wanted to say to his subjects but time!!

On domestic issues he he really wanted to let them know how Bo Obama, their Portuguese Water Dog was unbeatable in Frisbee but I realised I could not squeeze it in because Bo looked much like my initials in the teleprompter and might just say it in full.

“I've had a slip of the tongue before” he said. “besides the first dog had no competition anyway and I would appear petty' he added.

“My swinging has improved a lot since I started hitting the links with the help of my assistant White House chef. Though I tied with Bush but I thought it'd be nice if they knew I beat Biden” he said. Am planning the same with McCain” he added obviously downplaying John McCain's golf playing experience.

But he deviated and made it known it was not only what he wanted to say but Sasha had something for 'them' as well “ look here Sasha made this handprint turkey”.

There's just so much to say [and show] with very little time” he added. Homeland security agreed.

On foreign policy, he said he regretted letting 'them' in on his trip to Mecca to give moral support to her grandmother Sarah Obama.

she will be part of those pilgrims and she won't have to worry about any swine flu in Arabia. Secret service will be there too; in disguise of course and who knows we might join in the act- you know, for old time's sake” Said Obama.

“There was so much fantastic stuff io didn't put in that speech that I would have put in that speech and make people applaud even louder till the their hands hurt.” said Obama as he pulled his wrist and slanted his head to glance at his TAG-Heuer.

“There is so much I could have told you guys but I cannot plus what I just told you which I did not but ought to have included in that brilliant speech to make it the greatest thanksgiving speech ever but boy, doesn't time fly.”

Critics criticised the 'Ought -To- Be -Included -But -Which -Was -Not-Be-Of-Time parts of the speech' for dwelling on the 'soft side of real life issues'.

We could not publish the transcript [or at least the edited version of the speech now] but it should be available as soon as Jonathan 'Jon' Favreau
is done editing his un-'Fav' parts.

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  1. "Bo Obama" is a nickname, for sure, one doesn't give a human family name to a dog. Here are the rules for naming dogs all accross the world:

  2. ..hahaha, you're right mic_comte but sometimes a dog feels like family don't you think and thanks or the link, very informative.Over here we like giving our dogs human names. the most common [at least when i was kid]was oscar