Saturday, 28 November 2009

Barrack Obama's first fantastic Thanksgiving speech P t. 1

there you go, the amazing transcript
People of America I salute you. And of course people of the world lest you feel left out.
But again America is the world and the world is America.

First of all ignore the header. This is not my first thanksgiving gig. I did the first one when I was President-elect anybody remember? Okay , hands down now double Davids you know yourselves and if you thought it was the bomb!! wait til it comes out the Speech synthesizer this winter.

Talking of bombs we got many of those IED blasts scaring the shit out of our brave infantry men up there in the Middle East. But like I said they are brave and shouldn't be scared of some shitty fertilizer over-the-internet assembled bombs. In the same breath am informed their families want them back home by thanksgiving.

Don't they just care about the Afghani and Iraqi women and children

I apologise I couldn't make that happen and am sorry as your Commander-in-Chief I will have to request you my fellow countrymen another favor. I can see your surprised looks staring at the television screen and I hear you asking yourselves “what favor could the most powerful black man on earth possibly want from a mere Yankee.”

Well, don't be surprised. Am not special, am much like you-just like my predecessor was much like you.

And to prove it am about to ask the same favor as no. 43 .

Ladies and gentlemen your great country once again needs you. Maybe not you, yes you couch potato. Lounging stupidly on that La-z-boy sporting a beer belly, clutching a Heineken bottle on your left hand and the remote control on your right.

Or you ma'am, with the Michelin man neck.

Not that America don't need people like you. Of course we do. We need you to create McJobs as part of the stimulus but as of now we will definitely do with your nerdy community college kid enlisting.

Bring out your well toned boyfriends, NRA husbands, your daughters and almost anybody who can hold a shotgun and not shoot himself on the foot, or a fellow Countryman; do you hear me vice president Biden .

After all guns don't kill people. People kill pheasants.

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