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cinema goers complain: why doesn't Keanu say 'Klaatu Barada Nikto' in that final scene,you know, towards the end

 From our cinema goers complaints department, it has been brought to our attention by a section of movie goers that Klaatu [Keanu Reeves], the star in the 2008 remake of the 1951 hit movie The Day The Earth Stood Still doesn't actual say ' Klaatu barada nikto' towards the end.

The movie about an alien, Klaatu who has been sent to earth to warn humans about the damage they are doing to the environment and change their ways or be exterminated was considered by critics an apt themed sci-fi and very environmentally enlightening.

The revelation came as a shock especially because  our department is celebrating exactly one year after  it was official on the theatrical release poster that the world would stand still on 12.12.08 .

"and isn't it Keanu himself who insisted the line be included in the remake then how come he doesn't say it" said Andrea 'Dragguz' Valenti sole founder and administrator of the 70plus member strong [and still growing] facebook group KLAATU BARADA  NIKTO in which one of our writers is also a proud member.

Fans around the world were also let down to learn that it might not be nominated for the most  environmental friendly film in the ongoing Copenhagen Climate Conference 2009 in the Danish capital  and die-hards are planning mass demonstrations early Sunday, weather permitting.

" i mean this is crazy" said Karl Aslǿg a Copenhagenner. " this single movie has done more to bring awareness to the perils of global warming since 1951 and whats more it discovered much earlier who was responsible-humans.Much earlier than any exaggerated or dodgy  scientific paper or evidence" he added.

At least they would have recognised  Jaden Smith's perfomance- wasn't he just cute; what a brat "

CCC organisers explained the films production had a way bigger carbon footprint to be considered 'good for the earth' and also no carbon credit paycheque has [as yet] been honoured to the LDC [ least developed country] involved namely Congo.

Phone calls to the director Scott Derrickson  and  20th Century Fox were not immediately returned.

And by the way, the GORT was too tall but damn!! why didn't he just say Klaatu barada nikto?

" the viewers must have been from Africa particularly sub- saharan so we ommited the phrase" said Lock Wess, the films publicist

" and given nobody  knew for a fact what Klaatu barada nikto actually meant, we were cautious. There's a pretty good chance it might mean 'nigger please, freeze or...leave' in any of the 3000plus  African dialects and nobody wanted any trouble with the NAACP[ National Association for the Advancement of Colonised People] " he concluded

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