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'Sri-Lankan handball team' still at large

Just to refresh your memory it was in September 2004 when the 'Sri-Lankan National handball team' disappeared in Germany during following a sports  exchange programme and since then none has shown up at least to give their side of the story-not even a phone interview.

" oh! man it was a long time ago and believe even if they showed up now; we won't do anything to them-honest" said Dietmer Doering  the Exchange organiser at the time.

"and i gotta give it to those miscreants" he added.

Well, five years is sure a long time to go underground[an stay in the woods] and what's interesting is Herr Dietmer thought the 23 person 'strong' team including ' coach', 'manager' and 'trainers' had " got lost in the woods while jogging".

To say these gentlemen were geniuses of sorts will be an understatement and i world point a finger at the German immigration  department; at least  not then because a determined soul can fool and breach the tightest of security and protocol- take the case of the Salahis.

In fact we think they should be given  a 'posthumous' award of some kind. If we have an award for the unluckiest investors, those who lost the most in the financial  crisis capped with a holiday destination we sure can create one the the most ingenious absconders. It  took a little more than guts to pull that off.

It will be in order to mention a smart soul re-enacting the embarrassing episode. Machan, a movie which was well received but most important was not banned  by the local Taliban LTTE [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam] in fact they thought it made their race look  superior. The Germans like it too.

This was a first for Uberto Persolini, an Italian former investment banker  turned filmmaker with  co-scriptwriter did a good job of capturing the light comedy in the  misery faced by many immigrants and would be immigrants and the poverty which leads them to do what they do[or about to do].

Veering off the dominant topic of the civil war, which  many movies are based  and the prominent assassinations with the most recent being of  anti-government journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge was a main ingredient for their success.

And what do we have to say to that; a prosperous Islamic new year 1431 to you all.

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