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 In another  case of an American well known  person sneaking into Kenya 'unknown' and unnoticed was William Henry Bill Gates III, an American  businessman, Philanthropist, nerd, workaholic agnostic richest  man on the planet for the latter part of last century and...

Ok,  he probably would have wanted this shushed and toned down.

Bill Gates a Seattle based businessman and a [global] do-gooder jetted into the country on an undefined day and  date to check out how his humanitarian efforts were making a difference to humans. Gates ran a spot  check on malaria drugs inventory, lasting approximately ten minutes at a local  drugs store in the small town of  Eldoret in the Rift Valley.

" actually, i just hopped  in  for my  holidays and figured i could just pop  in town and check on stuff  just to make sure" he said.

" not that i don't trust these guys with mosquito drugs but, like i said just to make sure none of it lands in the blackmarket in Juba or Ruwanda. We got similar programmes running there too" he added

But close aides determined he has been always hands on and as they said," sometimes struggled with delegation".

And since leaving Microsoft  one and a half years ago time is all he has had to organise and exercise 'fair'   health  care provision to the worlds people with no strings attached. He denied  he was in a race to be the biggest charity but quietly reveled at the thought of  besting Melinda in handing that skinny kid a cup of porridge lest she makes him 'look bad' like in that last round of golf.

"Fortunately nobody was watching".

Gates, clad in a checked shirt, khaki pants and brown shoes roamed freely  as if he owned the small town whose resident he provides  ARV's  through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He was also reported as apparently  roaming  incognito, till he was long gone, according to his PR people in a rental Toyota Regius and  [modest] convoy of  not very shiny  and/or so mettalic black Land  Rovers "did it hit them just who was in town".

Eldoret being the cradle and home of long and distance runners who  scoop gold with ease for the country in international competitions, many a townspeople  thought  Gates  was an agent or scout for a sports management company.

It is further revealed he ordered his security detail to 'take in the air' while they still could as he bent down low through  some narrow entrance to a grass thutched hut to take a sip of Mursik[sour milk] from his Kalenjin buddy Kiptoo whose dairy business he supports through  Micro-loans.

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  1. All over kenya and other places,people saw a good example of how Jesus will come.they heard about Bill Gates but they don't expect him to saw up in their community. He is realy a gift to us from God, May God bless him more, so he can continue to give hope to others.
    David Muturu.

  2. ...very true and very well said David. If only the African rich could reciprocate what the western rich are doing we would all be blessed people don't you think