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New York Voted Saddest City In The World

New York city has been voted   as the saddest city in the world. At the time of reporting  the criteria for the  study by a yet to be named not-for-profit think tank had not been revealed but it is believed the subway and the rat-race  were major factors.

                              a typical new yorker during happier times. Inset, citizen Adolf in an undated file photo taken either a few days after 9/11 '01 or 9/15 '08- twin events which shook up the world and the world economy in this fucked up decade

"Am a typical new yorker" said Ashley Tudd a single mother of two " and i don't think we needed a study to figure that out" she added.

In downtown Manhattan, we managed to interview a few taxi drivers  about the study. Many said they were not qualified to give an informed perspective because honestly, they had not got the 'breaking news'.
"but as a matter of personal opinion on the matter, i think the Big Apple is a such a fucked up place to raise a kid" said Jay O'Reilly a cab driver.

"what's with downtown Manhattan and traffic at six and let's not even get to the dial-a-dope jay walkers, almost knocked down a dope shit las' night" he added.

Though a majority of the city dwellers especially in the CBD were negative, and cynical about any future for the country's financial and banking capital ever achieving happiness in the foreseeable future, questions were to be raised about the authenticity of the study.

"first of all i have to say most of the questionnaires and interviews involved  the minorities and even street people" said Leila Hirsh a social worker.These are the most lop sided and negatively opinionated individuals in any society.

"and why did they spend so much time at the Bronx"

social scientist Nina Schleps also begged  to disagree with the survey. "New York city has the highest number of resident millionaires in the country compared to say...Miami [FL]" she said. And she explained from her professional perspective'there is a a strong correlation  between money and general well being' so this survey could not have been.

She also sensed a little bit of think tank manipulation. " and why do we have these kinds of surveys at the
beginning and /or end of the decade and is itjust me or coincidence that these are the periods we experienced the collapse of the WTC and Lehman Brothers

" i wish they would have been here after the invasion of Iraq or  somewhere mid-decade to experience the feeling of camaraderie and appreciate our sense of humor" she said.

"our happiness levels were soaring way beyond the New York skyline" she concluded.

Upon receiving the news, New York billionaire mayor  'king' Mike Bloomberg  of  Bloomberg Inc. and author of Bloomberg by Bloomberg, Harper Collins described it as a 'sad day' for New York

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