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Eritrean footballers diasppear in Kenya

 It has come to our attention [rather  late i must say] that a dozen Eritrean footballers have disappeared zap!  like a magicians trick,  into thin air after their CECAFA match in Nairobi. It is unclear why they pulled the disappearing act but being kicked out of the tournament has not been ruled out yet the main  reason.

the team in a file photo camouflaged as the Super Eagles. Okay guys, here's the plan. We all change our names to Dennis Oliech

" i was waiting for them at the terminal on the day of departure, well as it appeared i waited, and waited and waited and waited; it was like waiting for Godot thats when it dawned on me nobody, not a single one of them was to show up" said Salum Wedi-Regbe  their tour guide.

" one or two individuals that's okay but a whole team, this sounds like a conspiracy and i bet the Ethiopians have something to do with this" he added.

Though the players have broken the law, the  foreign minister assured them no legal or inhumane disciplinary action will be taken on  their return [if they return at all that is].

Cecafa secretary general a mister Musonye described the incident as unfortunate but assured their coach the players were within the country indeed Nairobi.

" we think they are hiding somewhere with the intention of going somewhere or just intending to remain here" he added.

Unconfirmed reports confirm that the players had approached the UNHCR-Nairobi offices to apply for political asylum.

Absconding  is not a new phenomenon in the world of sport or indeed African soccer since we always have cases of third world players going underground whenever they travel for international matches in developed countries.

"What makes the Eritrean experience unique is the fact that they 'awol' as it were in a third world country, from a third world country in the same continent and geographical region; East Africa" said  Niklaus Brandt a footballing scout.

" and it doesn't help that Nairobi already has a sizable population of people of Ethiopian and Eritrean heritage; this helps them blend so well like tea with milk. C'mon guys, these two people are not that different" he added.

Taking into consideration that Eritrea is a breakaway republic of Ethiopia, like South Ossetia is to Georgia it's hard to argue.

This is not the first time though; they did it the last time they lost their quarter final Cecafa match 4-0 to Tanzania, in Tanzania and pulled a fast one in Uganda too.

In other news, the Sri-Lanka national  handball team members who disappeared in Germany five years ago have not been found but that's a story for tommorow.

The oddball is, Sri-Lanka didn't even know of their disappearance because it doesn't even have a national handball team.

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