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cinema goers complain: Why is there no s3x scene in the Transformers- Revenge ofthe fallen

 from our cinema-goers complaints department, it is reported that most fans of the Transformers film franchise felt disappointed even let down with the exclusion of a s3x scene from the sequel of Transformers 2007,  Revenge of the fallen.

A bona fide blockbuster   by any standards and one of the talked about films of the year ending  2009 thanks to aggressive promos from HASBRO the big ass American toymaker which holds the rights to the Transformers toy line, film critics were also amazed at how a s3xless movie could be such a box office success.

"Given a movie like the Dark Knight..well.. at least  it  had some kissing i suppose; though i can't exactly remember which part and Titanic, yes that 2007 hit. You gotta give some at some point to make it big in Hollywood" said Routtein  Tomaso a film critic.

"what happened to the 80/20 rule in filmaking" asked Jamie Megrahi a sci-fi fan referring to the general rule that a good movie needs to be 80 percent action packed and other stuff  while strictly 20percent romance. " this movie simply is a slap across the face of laid down and tested rules and procedure and whats with that Sam 'wimpy' Witwicky[Shia LaBeouf] guy. Couldn't even tell her onscreen girlfriend [Mikaela] he loves her; onscreen. Was he shy or something" he added.

"it's obvious he didn't know who she was in real life and what kind of name is Shia LaBeouf anyways sounds so gay " he concluded.

Megrahi was not alone in blaming Sam for the lacklustre romantic performance.

Eddy  Schleindelsberger another cinema goer and sci-fi buff  had as he put it 'a Decepticon bone' to pick with the 'fleshling'.

" i mean, who does he think he is to disappoint such a beautiful, poutty  lipped, Tomb Raider look-alike girl for that long- Tiger Woods?" he said.

"huff..Samantha  LaBeouf" you can't trust the French with anything  these days.

While the blame mostly lay with the male teen-age actor most female cinema goers blamed Mikaela for lack of the 20 percent  so much anticipated.
" though it's not mentioned in the film, i think Sam was wary because Mikaela is bisexual- according to the tabloids that is" said a fan who only identified herself as Nikki.

" and Sam's destiny was to save the world anyway, by bringing back Optimus Prime to life to destroy the Decepticons so those expecting some romance from a sci-fi please get a [s3x]  life" she added.

When asked why they waited this long to vent their frustrations the cinema goers said they didn't want to affect the films ratings lest they be slapped a multi million dollar lawsuit on their recession wasted asses, for defamation.

" i know this may sound weird but most of my nerdy friends and their  friend's friends went to watch this one in anticipation of some rough autobot romps  they missed from Transformers 2007- and these guys make up roughly 70percent of the audience" said Megrahi

Co- directors Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay apologised for the slight and promised more bots and even better digitally enhanced ass slappin' special effects in Transformers III as early as July 2011 whether the writers Guild go on strike again or not.

Requests to change or modify the male teenager's  real and onscreen name for promotional purposes was  however politely declined.

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