Friday, 1 January 2010

Auld Lang Syne to the decade begone

Oh! boy, oh! boy, oh! boy the first decade of the first millennium is finally over, today, just like that and i chose this time because i believe nobody  is lagging. By now every country has to be firmly footed into the first day of 2010-Hawaii, American Samoa; greetings from Kiribati and Sidney. You guys in?
Well, though it was the first decade of the millennium which without a doubt puts it firmly in the 'once in a lifetime' pantheon of events [of course, unless you live to see the year 3000] i have to say it was fraught with challenges from the word go that is, year 2000- i will talk about that later.

Am i the only one who is gloating about the fckd up stuff of the last decade? i am being mild here because honestly i believe the whole decade was f... er,  just a complete mess-at least most of the times. Or is it just our demeanor as  humour writers- as they say first rule of humour writing; you have to hate everything around you.

And this 'hate' apparently included Christmas[for chrissake!] and the New Year- i didn't celebrate both in the earthly sense ifyouknowhatamsayin'[iykwas] especially the new year as i was busy tucked  away, not sleeping but with my transistor radio in moderate volume religiously following up events and celebrations around the world .

So, in actual sense i would like to say i was celebrating with my audience which is and has been as long as i can remember, the world and it's wide variety of cultures and peoples.

You might say am a news junkie,maybe. I tuned in to other stations both news and entertainment but subconsciously gravitated back to....wait for it...BBC world service, there i said it but i still insist am no news junkie- i love dancing Thriller style.

If we look back at the events of  of the last 10years which changed the world as we knew it, attacks on the WTC, credit crunch and CCC will summarise everything in a fantastic fashion but the in betweens of simultaneous wars, increased bigotry and terrosrism, deaths of pop icons and movie stars might top your long list of negatives. After all good news hardly makes the headlines  but let me not bore you with News Ync. stuff. There must have been a glimmer of hope somewhere.

Iraq is doing better than just okay, midyear the crunch is over- at least according to Greenspan, Africa is improving- don't ask me how and best of all being able to read this from a secure/unsecured, filtered/unfilterd   networks might mean you lived through all this-Alive and well hopefully.

Which brings me to the forgotten story of the Y2K bug, how it made bureaucrats jumpy, running up and down like lab mice on amphetamines. That was way before any 'major world changing event' as we know now but it sure kept the world's media talking and people fretting as if it were the end of the world.

Now we realise the scientists had anticipated it 5 years earlier and taken all necessary tests and precautions to ensure 'business as usual' were over in good time. Not that Y2K was not real hell no!! it was as real a terrorist threat by machine but preparation, goodwill and precaution saved the decade.

If only the same can be done now, we surely have reason to look forward to a 2010 of pleasant surprises.

Whether we should sing an auld lang syne for the ten years gone by or for the new year we are welcoming or both,well, over to you.  

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