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Western media under -fire for under-reporting on the middle east for a whole week

Middle East[News Ync.]- The Western media have come under fire for reporting very little or nothing at all from their favourite hot spot the middle east at least for the past week.

This has left a multitude of followers of the middle eastern conflict in the dark as to the unfolding events in the volatile region leading many to speculate there was a signing of a now week long cease fire in place or, maybe a peace deal has finally been reached.

" i don't care whether it was a cease fire or a peace deal signed hush hush but what i know is our constitution guarantees me the right to information and i want to be the first to know what's going on there" said one north American interested party.

" i check the newspaper each morning and watch satellite tv every evening.As usual am greeted with pictures of utter destruction and I say well, that might be just another Israeli air strike,or just a reminder of who's in charge but on closer observation i notice the people emerging from every direction are way tanner than ordinary Palestinians" said Bashev al-Nasrani.

"Then it dawns on me this is not Palestine at all. I make an educated guess; Afghanistan or Yemen but it just doesn't add up".

Al-Nasrani is only one of thousands of faithful followers of the military drama that is the middle east and the fact that the series has not been airing on his favourite tv channel is not funny.

Asked why he doesn't switch to Al-Jazeera or Abu Dhabi tv instead, Nasrani said Arab satellite channels contain too many special effects which 'distorts reality on the ground'.

 Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen  outlining the PLO's  strategy of a return of the region's news to the top of search engines like  Ask Jeeves and Infoseek

"I demand reality tv like news-no plastic blood"

"This has forced me to tune in to the BBC Urdu service on radio but hearing is not the same as hearing and watching put together. it's just not the same " said the news follower in the relative safety and comfort of his bedsitter Bhagdad apartment.

The Western media was at pains explaining why they had not reported on the plight of the Palestinian people for a straight week and with critics singling out the deployment [by a respected media house] of as many as eight journalists indefinitely to a small city, all expenses paid was hard to justify.

But fair minded individuals in the Arab world have chosen not to focus blame so much on the western media but rather do some soul searching to discover why they were no longer relevant as a news making destination.

" It's time for the Arab world to stop depending on the Western media for free press and exposure and start thinking of what they can do to make themselves news worthy" said Ulamaa Jabal Tarik an Egyptian scholar.

"it's a competitive world out there" he concluded.

Amid all the accusations and counter denials, there was a bright spot in this media blackout. Hamas announced on a little known radio station it is postponing any mortar attacks on Israeli settlements till world attention turns to their part of the world. Whilst the Israeli government welcomed this announcement, the Kneset admitted it had missed a perfect opportunity to hit hard on their opponents without many people knowing about it.

" I got a hunch this is just a passing fad and the world will pay us due attention as it always has since the times of the Babylonians, Sumerian civilisations and the wise King Suleiman[Solomon]" said Bakhri Salum a Hamas general.

"We always find a way of forcing ourselves into the agenda"

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