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Australian KFC ad accused of portraying West Indians [who don't really mind] fried chicken lovers

KFC[Kentucky Fried Chicken]  the American chicken frying franchise is accused of racism by [mostly] American commentors on  the video sharing site you tube.  This came after a KFC ad made in Australia for the Australian market somehow found it's way to you tube.

KFC   officials  and  Australian citizens were shocked by the accusations but after recovering from their initial shock got angry with the you tube commentators for saying such bad things  about them.

         Mickey with a crowd size bucket of chicken nuggets up for grabs

The "commercial"  featured a "baseball"[cricket] fan called "Mick" whom the Americans prefer to call "Mickey" is surrounded by unruly West Indie fans. In a bid to calm them down he lifts the classic KFC  'crowd size' Bucket of crispy yummy! yum! chicken pieces. The [black] Windie fans fall over themselves for a piece the  extra crispy chicken wings, marinated thighs and spicy breasts, licking  away as "Mickey" closes by saying " too easy".

Indeed it is easy for the Aussies  and who can deny the all consuming deliciousness of finger food? But it seems the you tube commentators saw otherwise.

"It is true  black people like chicken but it doesn't have to be on national tv much less the internet" said Dion  Cleavon a Detroit tow truck driver.

" But smothered chicken and rice, man i can swallow that shit like nobody's i won't even care if they're watching heheh" he added.

"Nigga pleeease"

"West Indians are as African American  as Obama has a genuine  negro accent" said Darnell Wudrill a Wombat breeder  from Perth oblivious of his political incorrectness. " does it always have to be about them"

Historians believe the KFC fiasco to be an unfortunate clash of cultures and though both nations  have a lot in common like the first letter of the name of their countries, most believe that's it!! the rest is theory and  covert mutual dislike and distrust of the other.

"Geography does not help much either. At least the Canadians are just  across the border. In case of any misunderstanding well, you catch my drift " said Clive  McCaulin a US military historian.

When we asked about the possibility of the US.. maybe..sending some troops  to gauge the diplomatic atmosphere, Retired  Lt. General  Elroi Jahari [an African American] outlined the challenges.

  " Its much   like the middle east down there; very hot deserts but seven seas away. Our Humvees and equipment might fail in the heat and we can easily get lost in the Outbacks and the Northern Territories" he said.

"am telling you  that's not a country it's a whole mean, Continent of tough morons "

This is not the first time  Australia is accused of  'alleged misunderstandings of American culture' on tv.

" I don't know why the telly is their chosen  medium of humili-ation but what i know is if ya gat issuez with a sista, or brotha  ya  don' hide it on ya national tv. You either say it to his or her face or shove it down under; ya'll know what am sayin' " said Laqueta 17, an aspiring rap artiste, evidently  the Jackson Jive incident  still fresh in her  memory.

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