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Homeless man quietly smiling to himself as reporting on Haiti slows down

It was observed Christopher Walken 55, haggard looking male 5'11 and a regular at the homeless shelter run by Unity Of Greater Canal street could afford a smile across his chubby face after a whole week of grumpiness and not wanting to talk to his street mates for no known reason.

"jeez!! I haven't seen anything quite like it but good ol' Walken sure did smile for the first time in a long week" said Adelaide Schumperd a close friend and reliable buddy in the once mean streets of New Orleans.

"If it was the cold that got him all worked up then he should have said so. But i guess he got only himself to blame" said Schumperd referencing the several occasions she had invited him to stay over at the shelter 'at least for the night' only for him to nod in agreement, dipping his Pita[bread] in soup and as soon as he was done,head straight back to the street alley he came from.


                   a street artists rendering of  Christopher Walken

 "or maybe it's the lots of black people around here" she added.Not that Chris  is white or coloured or something but the beating he got at the subway last Kwanzaa or the argument about a Hanukkah candle stand which left him with a broken nose has left him with an unfounded fear of anybody black and not well dressed.

Sources within the homeless shelter confirmed the homeless man's general mood had shifted from one of optimism,then general despair and senseless bitterness to optimism, even radiance all in a record time period of about six days give or take a day or two.

It wasn't immediately clear what the cause of sudden happiness to such a lonely soul and by no definition social lion could be so contended on the inside but experts speculated it must have had anything to do with Haiti since this homeless tramp's level of happiness suddenly shooting off the chats incidentally coincided with the ebb in tv, newspaper and blogosphere quake reports from the same place.

"hey, don't get me wrong. Am not saying the poor guy is a sadist or suchlike but doesn't it raise curiosity this same man kept watching with glee as boxes upon boxes of guava juice and macaroni were being loaded on the 18wheeler- Haiti bound." said Frank Joopler a clinical psychiatrist.

"or so am told" he added.

"okay, in my honest opinion, a female relation of his just got out of the rubble after twelve days with no food or water. Medical science can't explain that now can it; hallelujah!!" concluded Joopler

Efforts to get Chris to shed some light on his new found emotional well being bore no fruit even with the wiring of Schumperd to go undercover and squeeze the scoop out of his tiny frame.

" he seems to be moving places everyday and by the time i pin him down at the soup shelter it's all grunts, uhmms and mmmhs- it's like am interrupting his dinner" said Schumperd.

"but gawd do i love to see him smile after a sumptuous meal of ..."

Before he could finish, we spotted Chris catching a nap under a bridge. Not a so perfect time maybe but might be our only chance.

After half an hour of chit chat, we realised he was not as bad as society and the media made him look like. Just a simple man with a love for media attention, free grub and the occasional drink-pretty much like you and me.

The devastation of Haiti almost took that away from him-if for a week.

"and am as sure as two by two is four i ain't speaking for myself on this" said Chris.

Let's see how he will cope emotionally when all will be headed to Haiti for the decade of reconstruction. Hope he chokes on those meatball treats at the center.Such a selfish bugger.

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