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Senegalese President proposes new state of Haiti in Africa

DAKAR- Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade has proposed the carving out of a nation for the habitation of quake stricken Haitians. It still is not clear whether this is meant as a temporary measure or for keeps.

Wade stated he will take his case to the AU for discussion and try to convince member countries to give up some of their hard fought territories to their brothers who are currently as good as stateless.

Though the gesture was seen by many as compassionate and timely,most of the continents cartographers were skeptical of the practicality of such a move.

"We understand the President's motives are for the best but it's easier for him to talk about giving away land when most of that land is, honestly speaking, good for nothing barren desert" said Salif Baghani an Algerian geographical map drafter.

With these kinds of popular sentiment gathering momentum, Senegalese officials were forced to announce publicly they will be giving part of their fertile land too.

                               one hell of a hot piece of real estate

And the international community eager not to be seen doing nothing about the imminent repatriation of Haitians, Japan retrofitted several of it's man made islands for temporary habitation as plans and civil works were underway to construct a single, large island with a capacity of ten million plus.

"This should make our brothers feel like they're! sorry, home is not a good comparison now" said Hichiro Tepanyaki, lead architect of project 'Isle of Many'.

"To make room for expansion at the same time check immigration, the offshore habitat will be as far out of the sea of Japan as the eye can't see" he added.

Haitian President Rene Preval politely declined the offer after a short de-briefing on the town of Kobe.

With international interference out of the way, Africa now stood a better chance of offering a better place for it's own.

" we might be poor with not enough to feed ourselves let alone give away, but we sure are rich in natural resources and that's how we will show we care. We are in it for the long haul" Said AU Chairman Muammar al-Gaddafi who is also the Libyan President.

Indeed, geography the size of Africa with just over a billion in population-the continent sure has more than enough room for one more country.

A proposed site for the Haitian nation in Africa includes somewhere in the middle of the Sahara after it was unanimously agreed the minority Berber tribes still surviving there will be forcefully driven up the dunes.

To make the transition from an islanders way of life to that of a desert warrior thus ensure smooth acclimatisation, Haitians will settle first in the coastal Liberian towns of Buchanan, Greenville and Harper before moving over to Libya and Algeria for Camel ride classes.

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  1. Any place worth living in, has people living there. That's why they live there. Do they want to ask Haiti to resettle somewhere nobody want to live, or do they expect people to move so that Haiti can live there 6 if so, where would THEY move to?

  2. ...isn't there no enough sunshine in Haiti that they want them to move to a more a more sunshiney place

  3. If it's always greener on the other side, do we evict out neighbor so than we can have that greener grass? & what happens when our new neighbor has a greener grass, because the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side...