Friday, 22 January 2010

Why Bill Gates rejoined facebook

REDMOND,Washington-A year after leaving the most popular networking site, the world's richest man has rejoined the world's most popular networking site.

Initially, Gates joined the site as an individual but sooner rather than later his ego and anti-competition competitive streak reminded him he was more than that, probably bigger than that. After days of tossing and turning he just couldn't take it anymore.

Am a member, just a member, maybe the two hundred and ninety fifth millionth member,just another Facebook statistic; " gawd!! am just a number- i can't believe this. Am Bill Gates for chrissake".

But he couldn't just wake up one day and leave, oh no! the world would want answers, the world would want to know why and the world doesn't like the truth- hello! world! can you hear me?

So he had to come up with something. Am famous[Ashton Kutcher has more followers than a string of code covering two entire computer screens].

People like me[tell that to DOJ-Jobs is way cool].

"it was just way too much trouble so i gave it up" a polite way of saying i just couldn't keep up with the thousands of friend requests huh! Some fact there but not the truth. They were not your friends they were attracted by the money[still can't believe they believed they could get some] and the celebrity banter.

They are Americans duh!

And who the hell is that kid Zuckerberg. I heard he stole some code from some friends of his. Little shameless thief; am out of here.

...One year later

hey,Ray [Ozzie], Steve [Ballmer] don't we own a 240 million dollar piece of that facebook thing? that's 1.6 percent of the pie right. Maybe i should just go back and who knows...heheh nobody knows the future.

Finally, he returned but to save face, not just as a mere member but as a page. Neat huh!

Twitty bird overhead all and threatened to tell all.

Gates was left will little choice but join twitter as well and his first tweet- Hello world; i mean you no harm

Welcome to the world Bill

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  1. Bill Gates has to type out his 140 characters one key at a time, just like the rest of us! Great post.

  2. ..heheh, now this is funnier than the original post sweepyjean '140 characters one key at a time huh!' watch out for the funny caption i'll be downloading soon

  3. No he doesn't! He could just tell MS to make a virtual Bill Gates! Programmed to think & tweet like him!

  4. ...that's a nice angle to it MY NAME