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Readers rant: why does Sai's and Gyan's romance lack a happy ending like in the Bollywood movies

Book readers have been ranting for a long time, well, not exactly rant but expressed their disappointment on several aspects and probably chapters of Kiran Desai's book Inheritance of Loss, her second installment she describes as a satirical comedy.

They claimed there were a lot of open ended questions which are still unconvincingly un-answered and needed answers right now!!

"i need to know what eventually happened to the dog; what was it's name again?" said Caitlin Tamayaki a college sophomore from Nagoya "did the dog die"

The dog, let's call it/her/him 'puppy' and which by hunch we believe was a white cocker spaniel, the Judge's [a 'gentleman' we believe detested the trademark Indian 'rolled whiskers'] best companion and probably useful for therapeutic and emotional reasons, was abducted by the Gurkha 'freedom fighters' never to be heard of.

Going by popular opinion, this is the most open ended part of the book-animal lobby people denied they pushed any buttons. And the fictitious answer has always been a simple 'no' from Kiran.

Pet loving Brits and the Japanese wanted to know how old 'snow white' was by now at every opportunity of a town hall style book review, interview and 'will now take you questions' sessions but the author always explained politely that mid 1985 is a long time for a puppy even, to be alive.

"At best, it has lots of grand puppies and great great grand puppies.

But some voices of reason within the participants always knew "puppy" wasn't actually a puppy but it was used to make the Judge's best friend appear cute.

The Americans were unfazed by all the puppy love and wanted the answers to the real issues.

" i think as a big fan of Kiran not to mension the measure of respect i have for her mother Ms. Anita i should be accorded the literary privilege of knowing if Bijou was in the country legally" said Carl Bruckeinheimer a Texan." and i believe i speak for many Texans" he added.

But the most pressing question was how his Zanzibari friend of made it back to America, again, after deportation.

Other questions without mentioning names or geographical areas were stuff like "how did the Judge fair after losing both Sai and 'puppy'", " whether the Gurka are comparable to modern day Taliban", "is Gogola the Indian mis-pronunciation of coca-cola and what has Google got to do with it" etc. etc.

The 2006 joint Man Booker Prize and National Book Critic Circle[NBCC] award title certainly left a lot to be answered but the author had a few apologies on her masterpiece of open enders.

" am currently working on my third project" said Kiran sipping some masala flavoured chai, occassionally rubbing the neck of an Irish settler nicknamed Mutt the xxv.

Going by the authors style we hope it will be published by 2014, win a Pulitzer the same year and our readers rant about it by 2018.

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