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An Avalanche devastates Ski Dubai, investigators believe it was man made

DUBAI,UAE-An indoor avalanche has reportedly hit one of the largest indoor ski resorts in the world the Ski Dubai, Saturday 03:50hrs E.A.T . The installation which is part of a mega shopping mall, the Mall of the Emirates and run by the Majid Al-Futtaim Group of companies, a leader in the mall building industry in the region, was so damaged it had to close indefinitely.

 Not much sympathy from green activists. Three thousand gallons per day for cooling only is no cow fart GHG[green house gas(es)]

The most affected parts were the 400 metre black-run[difficult region]of the skiing infrastructure due to its steep slope which accelerated the speed of the frozen wave.

Also the sled and toboggan runs suffered extensive damage warranting thousands of dollars in repair work.

Though no one was reported seriously hurt or trapped underneath the snow, workers caught up in the Jabal Theluj, the 85 meter tall artificial mountain inside the resort where initial speculation believes the avalanche was triggered reported cases of acute hypothermia.

"We were trapped on the man made mountain side for hours shouting for help but given the three football field size of the resort, i guess no one could hear us" said one of the workers whom we will call Jamal, wrapped in a hospital bed sheet in the 45 degree heat outside, anger showing up in his eyes.

"Thank God a guard who was doing the patrols on this part of the resort managed to hear cries of some of our colleagues trapped working in the ice cave blunting sharp stalagmites and stalactites who then alerted him of our presence up there" he added.

The catastrophe raised security concerns about the safety of indoor ski-ing and whether the management or indeed the Kingdom was doing enough to ensure the safety of skiers,trainers, other ski resort attendants and workers in the nearby themed coffee shops and cafes.

 That plastic fur tree, and that other one were miraculously spared by that force of [man made] nature

"Alhamdulillah Isn't it amazing the cave roof didn't collapse with the sheer force and momentum of a 10 foot thick sheet of slow traveling at forty kilometres an hour? of course not that's because we have reinforced concrete supporting the cave roof" said a sarcastic Abdulhakim Farjala the general manager, fending off criticism.

Jamal's colleagues nevertheless begged to differ with their boss.

"He should see the headless torsos of the snow-men in the snowman-making area.Am not sure if we should all feel lucky this happened by night or unlucky it happened at all"

Though tough repair work was moving swiftly and most parts of the resort which suffered partial damage or no damage were planned to open again for the public within the next seven days, chilling revelations started emerging about the possibility of a man made avalanche from the whole 'catastrophe'.

Summarily dismissed executives from Al-Futtaim leaked copies of classified emails to selected news outlets about a 'deliberate attempt to suffocate the ski-Dubai.'

The board was apparently not happy with their spot as the third largest indoor ski resort in the world. And with the thaw in the building sector, banks not lending and the Abu Dhabi bailout package not including private enterprise, well, there was only one way out.

"The board was desperate to see SnowWorld Landgraaf play second fiddle and i raised the Insurance money idea. Specific pawns had to make sure the snow machine didn't stop purring and the temperatures in the fins under the run had to play above zero [for the thaw]" said our informer, a former employee and obviously a big time pawn in the botched conspiracy.

As usual we couldn't get through to Al-Futtaim for comment. The CEO was allegedly at the Burj Khalif for some official function.

We figured.

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