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Indonesian football fan decides to step in and do something instead of watching from the sidelines

An Indonesian football  fan Hendri Mulyadi  took matters of his country's national team into his own hands- and feet- when he grabbed the ball from Oman's half, went on a run dribbling and when he reached the 18 yard area  gave it a whack of a shot which was unfortunately, stopped by the Omani keeper.

In an interview with reporters, Mr. Mulyadi  25, through an interpreter  said  he was disappointed by his country's poor performance in  the on going Asian Cup tournament.

"they never seem to win, it's either a lose or draw" he said. " as a die hard fan and with a little inspiration from the English , i decided to take matters into my own two hands...and feet" he added.

Mulyadi immediately became a superstar to his country men and women and an immediate media sensation who described him as the 12th player.

               ..poor finishing but the dribbling was quite impressive

"This young man's efforts to save our face and keep our heads held high are very commendable" said  a respected football commentator Pak Abdiwahid Chahaya  in  a popular radio sports programme. " i strongly  recommend the Persatuan Sepak  bola Seruluh Indonesia PSS [Football Association of Indonesia] should look into giving this valiant young man some recognition in  monetary terms" he added

Officials  from the football association  said they won't be giving any money  to anyone but admitted the board was considering another proposal, of  letting Hendri watch any remaining Indonesia  matches  free of charge of any gate fees  under close supervision.

"But he will have to pay for his own Popcorn, Getuk Lindri[sweetened and coloured Cassava paste] and soda" said an official

 Not everybody was happy with the way things had turned out much less the Omani side. Even though they ended up winning 2-1 they said they will be filing  a complaint to Asian Cup  accusing Henri of head butting   the  player he tackled before snatching and  running away with the ball,  allegations  Henri denies.

The Indonesia Society  for Fair Play a non-profit  advocating fair play in popular sports like football and Badminton  and some officials of Liga Indonesia, the  country's Premier League condemned the act too.

" It is small, spontaneous acts like these which eventually  give rise to full scale hooliganism and cheating which drive a honorable,gentlemanly game like football into disrepute. Shame on the 12th player" said an angry  ISFP official.

" But i have to admit i admired the  lads dribbling skills, he could make a good winger" he added at the end presuming the microphone was off.

In the evening news on national tv,  TVRI, the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was hosting the new Manchester City  manager  Roberto  Mancini as a state guest. Details of their closed door meeting  and overall visit were  not immediately clear at the time of reporting.

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