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moviegoers complain; what's with this District 9 shit, treating the mighty and geeky Aliens like dirt

Movie goers in different area codes have finally made their voices heard about Dstrict 9 with the 'Civil Libertarians' amongst them expressing their total disgust and 'shame on us' on the way humans treated the Aliens.

The 'Anthropods' whose massive mothership got stranded mid-air amongst Johannesburg ground-scrapers were apparently, according to Wikus, subjected to 'inhumane living and demeaning social' conditions.

"it's not like they chose to drop the command module module on purpose so as to enjoy an extended stay on's beautiful green earth " said the reformed Paul [Wikus] mid-shoot, in an off the hand-held camera remark about 56 hours before he was 'fully transformed to a 'prawn'.

"and i repeat, on this Earth we are only passers by and that was no way to treat visitors"

The District..sorry..District9 has been lambasted by both of Sci-fi moviegoers for HD-dvd[ASCIFIHD-dvd] a breakaway club of the Association of Sci-fi movigoers for Blu-ray [ASCIFIB].

Both share a lot in common but prefer to concentrate on their trivial differences and were once again reminded of however different they tried to look the much they remained alike.

Separate strongly worded letters were sent to the movie makers condemning the degradation and maltreatment of a species far smarter than us.

"Knowledge is power but as such the directors simply chose to ignore these wonderful truths and chose to treat the Alien species brutishly" say Kaynard Wilownsky Chairman of ASCIFIHD-dvd.

Indeed in all previous sci-fi's it is the humans who are always reprimanded by their far intelligent and 'light years away residents' of our common Universe. Either they[humans] are reprimanded for something they did or did not do or for doing nothing at all.

"We are simply not technologically developed enough to be considered partners in development by the aliens let alone fight them."

"These guys have taken the rules and decided to turn the tables upside down eh! and since when were box office grossing sci-fi's made in Godforsaken Africa for crying out loud" said a member preffering to remain anonymous.

D9 makers denied allegations their movie was a sci-fi in the traditinal meaning of the word thus partly justifying their poor treatment of 'Alien refugees' blaming it on the South African government.

Sources however confirm the government was under intense pressure from it's Xenophobic population.

"and i would like to add it is Apert-heidist to say a good softcore sci-fi cannot come from Africa" said director Neil Blomkamp.

Metacritic claimed the UNHCR had to share the blame because it lacked foresight to anticipate [and include] extra-terrestrial species dropping by- following a technical failure or just left homeless after their home planets are destroyed in an intergalactic fight or meteoric shower.

As usual, the movie Director apologised and promised a fairer 'show of power' sequel which will end hopefully, happily with Wiku van de Merwe now a fully metamorphosised 'prawn', transformed back to human and reunited with his dear wife.

Responding to minister of information Dora Akunyili's criticisms of the movie portraying Nigerians as criminals and cannibals Neil said 'it was just a [hit] movie' and former President Obasanjo liked it.

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