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Africa Cup of Nations tournament Cup won by a country in the Middle East, Mariga to be sorted by Gadaffi

BENGUELA, Angola- Africa Cup of Nations,the Continents Premier footballing spectacle came to a close on 31st January as the middle eastern side Egypt thrashed their opponent 4 goals to almost nil.

Egypt which has been participating as an African country since the tournament's inception in 1957 drew no attention to itself but following it's achievements for being the first nation to win the trophy a record seven times with the last three in succession,the Confederation of African football [CAF] has opened an inquiry into whether Egypt is really, truly in Africa.

"We don't object that Egypt pretty much appears like it's in or at the edge of Africa but technically this country is in the middle east.They are the only so called African country bordering Gaza, by land" said Maalif Mabrouk an Algerian football fan.

Lest they be seen as poor or even bad losers thus tarnishing their long standing reputation as professionals who concede defeat honorably in the true spirit of sportsmanship,the Cameroonian delegation and players refused to be to be drawn in this 'after match loses geographical disputes'.

                                    Fussbol made in Egypt

But one of the players who did not want to be named questioned the Egyptian player's of what could be lip read as murmurings of Allahu Akbar several times before taking a penalty shot, free kick and even throw-ins in a video of several of their natches.

"Was Pharaoh an African really" he added

The Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak responded angrily to any accusations leveled against his country 'as not being a part of the Afrika Jamahiriya[peoples republic]' as utter nonsense by enemies of Egyptian football.

"We had a civilisation here way before the terms Africa and the Middle East became fashionable-just ask those who know us" he said.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said it was indeed true but critics questioned whether Ethiopians themselves are not settlers -or even occupiers-in Ethiopia.

"Where did the black Jews come from and why were they and still being airlifted to Israel where we all along suspected they came from. And where did their women get the long flowing silky Caucasoid hair instead of a sub-saharan afro- these are the hard questions that we should be asking ourselves" said Ammanuel Maseree Senai Babatunde 32, a History assistant Professor at the Univesity of Asmara who insisted we publish his full names.

Ammanuel Maseree Senai Babatunde, himself an Eritrean of mixed Ethiopian and Western Africa heritage going back to his grandmas and grandpas however admitted he wouldn't mind taking any of the chocolate complexioned or light skinned Ethiopian beauties home as a bride.

Meanwhile,Cameroonian CAF President Isa Hayatou has ruled out any disciplinary action against Egypt for their 'treacherous geopolitical shifting of regional loyalties'.

He also disbanded the inquiry later on noting the African football juju gods had punished them enough for allowing only 'genuine' African countries to proceed to the FIFA world cup in South Africa later this 11 June- 11 July.

Though it was reported Egyptian coach Hassan Shehata has since been lobbying support from him and other influential figures to persuade South Africa to pull out from the Global footballing fiesta in favour of his boys by describing the Bafana Bafana as the 'weakest link', Hayatou denied comment.

Meanwhile, most Kenyans were unaware of the Cup of nations finals being played on Sunday as they were busy watching the Barclays Premier league encounter, ,played same day, same time, in which Man U beat their arch rivals Arsenal 3 goals to almost nil.

The few in the know blamed the British of a conspiracy to undermine African football viewership by deliberately coinciding the two must watch matches.

To most Kenyans, this couldn't be more personal as the British have denied 'a work permit' to MacDonald Mariga 22[Perma, Internazionale], a talented, promising young man the chance to be the first Kenyan to play in the Premier League because of a flimsy bureaucratic huddle of an excuse.

The outgoing AU chairman and Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi has promised to fight for the footballer's[Mariga] human rights and written to his counterpart Mubarak to desist from using his neologism[the word he coined] "Jamahiriya" carelessly.

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