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North and South Korea fire missiles at each other, which land at sea

Somewhere at Sea-Yet to be confirmed unconfirmed reports indicate  that North and South  Korea are at war, again. Though the two Koreas  are still technically at war since the  North withdrew form the armistice in  May 27 2009, the heavily militarised de-militarised zone [DMZ] has since acted as a buffer zone and a deterrent  to a full scale war.

But since the DMZ does not extend out to sea, the North has taken advantage of this geographical and short sighted defence department loophole to fire missiles at the South in the guise of 'missile tests'.

And these "missile tests" have been as frequent and as early as late last year[Nov. 2009] and another one expected before the end of this month, February 2010 following an announcement which declared a no sailing zone in some parts of the Korean sea.
                      who has seen Kim lately. Is he ill or something

The south has also responded by firing it's own missiles at the north but as US Marine Sergeant Scott McDougal, stationed at the watchtower at the beach DMZ, " none of the missiles mostly fired from the sea actually make landfall at either side"

Local fishermen from the south who get caught in 'these conflicts' and experience violent rocking of their boats  by  miniature tsunami waves generated by warheads falling on the water surface concur. Lie Shikeng, a small boat fisherman sums it all .

"Zis world of Korea is like World of Warcraft. Fighting  all  single day but no one really die for real" he said referring to the mmorpg[multi player video game] World of Warcraft.

Though North Korea is known to posses short range missiles and  believed to be on the verge of developing long range  missiles which can reach Hawaii and bomb it, ballistic experts haven't ruled out communist propaganda on these claims.

"We understand it's hard to get reliable information from a pariah state but with all do respect do you believe a commie[communist] can posses such technology and warm it with his ass for that long" said Ballistic expert  Sergent  Amar 'minuteman'  Jacobs. "we would be hot meat by now; extra crispy" he added.

To try and  ease tensions in the Korean peninsula and discourage Pyonyang from threatening it's neighbours , a six-party  round table consisting of the Russia Federation,Peoples republic of China, Japan, United States of America, the Republic of Korea[South] and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea[North] are to sit down and  convince the North from developing nuclear weapons.

The North refused to sit for the next round of talks until it's demands for a Disneyworld in Pyongyang were met.

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