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East Coast storm one of the worst in history, Beyonce takes a tumble, again and..

Wintry sources from our Washington bureau report the snow storm which hit the East Coast of the United States was one of the biggest and thickest in almost ninety years. Some analysts went the extra mile in saying the 20in to 30in snow which fell mostly in the US mid-Atlantic might make it to the Guinness book of world records or even nominated for a Grammy.

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This speculation was fueled by the news of the talented Rhythm and Blues singer and dancer Beyonce Knowles nomination for a record number of Grammies and breaking his own previous records- preceding the storm.

“i don't wanna sound paranormal or superstitious over this but it's hard not to see some connection” said Matt Bailey a sophomore at the University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC, Theoretical Astrophysics department and a Philosophy minor.

“i also had this hunch her stumbling in Brazil was genuine, in  alignment with the stars”

This claim has led many ordinary East Coast residents feel good about themselves, their little victories and achievement and to some extent the possibility of their town making it to the Guinness book has added a positive “zwing” to the devastation caused by the blizzard and possibly a zap of energy and optimism to their boring routine since the local authorities advised against coming out on the porch unless warmly dressed.

“isn't it just amazing how after such gale winds of destruction without abandon we manage to find a valley of calm deep down our American “we will prevail” spirit and surely enough prevail against the elements” said Todd Tolbert a local butcher.

But many observers mostly from the neighbouring states who were observing the goings on from their television screens begged to disagree with Tolbert on the context in which the word 'overcome' was applied in this instance.

“Amtrak[surface rail] suspended, Planes are grounded, buses aren't moving, cars are buried in wet snow and the lucky ones frosted. How do you commute a million plus people to the DC metro area in these limited public transit conditions. I can only say the underground trains running are overwhelmed, not overcoming. ” said Guuyd Maughling a Virginia native and keen observer.

Maryland snow storm observers and witnesses agreed and even suggested the five year old tv events of Katrina, one of the biggest Hurricane devastations in US history in the state of 'New Orleans' were still fresh and would beat DC's, “SnoSho” for any award, anytime.

“We were not treated to any looters in all this. Gray, motionless snow covered snow [plow] trucks don't make much for an award winning devastation spectacle” said Greg Mapletyne, a Maryland part time lumber jack.

“Again, i don't wanna sound superstitious but i think the stars were pretty much aligned for the New Orleans' Saints Super Bowl victory. One of the biggest wins in sport history was made to coincide with the City's fifth anniversary of the destruction and devastation later this August” said Matt Bailey, the sophomore.

Mississipians suspected foul play as a visibly angry Drew Brees, the most valuable quarterbacks of the Saints and a charitable sportsman [in strong language] denied rumours of match fixing “apparently to fast forward the healing process of his home state”.

“This is the poorest state in the Union; hello!! misery wants company here. And as sure as my free kicks, i bet they are wishing for a Rita , Charlie or even a Katrina upon themselves right now” said Brees in his blog StrongBreez.com

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