Thursday, 11 February 2010

Umkhonto we sizwe[spear of the nation]

Freedom is here today and it sure has a nice ring to it. The 'Black pimpernel' walked out of political detention after many many years in political detention to be the first black president of post apartheid South Africa.

But as the continent marks the 20th anniversary of one of it's heroes what are the lessons if we haven't missed any? Our leaders except for a few as still as corrupt and selfish as ever and Zuma is a shame to the legacy of this great nation in the South- what example is he to the youth? Much said about him, likes of him are better left alone after all it's Madiba's day not "Ja-Zee's".

So, where were you 20 years ago today. I for one was in first grade but that's beside the point "we miss you Manelo[Mandela] were you"-remember that hit. They had to change the wording lest the singer Chico Twala face persecution. "Freeeee Nelson Mandela" by Jerry Dammers and his Coventry[UK] based band The Special A.K.A in 1984. And of course my personal favourite [you too can hear it on youtube] by the Cameroonian singer San Fan Thomas "Mandela". I can't understand a word but i get the message and the King of Pop[sort of]  choreography.

But again, that's not the point as i don't get the words in Wes's Alane but hell don't i love that song- on Deutsche Welle's[german wave] Germany's Top 40 hosted by Ingo Schmoll. The song also did a long no. 1 stay in that country's chat back then in 1998, still IMHO the  golden year of pop music in the last 20yrs.

Why all music on Madiba day. First  South Africa is a Musical country and Nelson mandela would definitely love to savela uya biswa [respond when the people are calling] in song and dance as the unsustainable regime of the "Big Crocodiles" systematically fell like a domino.

Long live Madiba, Long live South Africa

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