Tuesday, 20 October 2009

...two Kenyans get married he!he!he, so what's the big deal

Two consenting Kenyan adults got married in an undisclosed Lon...sorry.. location on 18th Oct...Oooops.
In a private invitation only, no Media [except us of course] occasion, attended by [guess a number] people the couple who requested their names not to be published and only gave their combined age as 79 appeared in high spirits and uncalloused by all the attention they were getting back home and on facebook and....
The news sent shock waves across their motherland as citizens grappled with the realisation of their magical country losing it's abracadabral allure to not only visitors who wish to say 'i do' , but locals too. Where did we go wrong? Many wondered.
“It's madness if you ask me,” said Willy Obongo a cane farmer in western Kenya. “Isn't it that there are not enough churches in Kenya that you have to have a wedding abroad”
But more shocked than anybody else were the mystery couple themselves “ it's not like we are the first people in the world to get married duh!” said couple number two
“and if anybody's against this union then let him speak up now or forever shut that hole in his face and while at it, shove his skinny schlong down his butthole” added a furious number one.
Talk of the wrath of a couple scorned.
Nevertheless,in a random vox populi study conducted by a local daily 75pc of the people said they would have voted against the couple going out to begin with, referendum style- Kenya is a democracy after all. 10pc want them home for a 'bridal shower' and 'baptism by fire by the Holy ghost himself' 2 percent are not sure what to do with them while the rest want the head of the immigration officer who issued them passports in the first place- heads must roll!! but a silent minority who never took part in the study out of mortal fear called for respect, restraint and understanding. “we are all children of God and we should....” said nameless before he took off at great speed on noticing a mean looking mob headed his way.
....at around 11:00hrs GMT [14:00hrs local time] they were announced 'Chuck and Larry'- no kidding!!
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