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Diploma Xpress accusses competition of producing below standard fake diplomas

In another case of a war of words in the cutthroat man-eat-man business of fake certificates, a leading fake certificate berated it's main rival for producing substandard fake diplomas for the market.

“we believe our clients deserve the best [fake] diplomas for their hard earned money and not the mediocrity Succeed is offering,' said Matty Maguire, Diplomaxpress PR person.

“And since there is no regulatory body, as yet, in our line of work, we should take it upon ourselves to regulate ourselves, being our brother's keepers, by removing the flack from their eyes so they can see further and clearly enough to see their incompetence” added Marty.

Diplomaxpress who are the market leaders and whose customers are mostly high school and college seniors have recently branched into the production of PhD's, MBA's, MBE's and OBE's to cater for the rapidly expanding [and profitable] segment of postgraduates and 'distinguished individuals in society' clientele.
Succeedonline CEO Fred “Freddy” Kerkorian dismissed these claims as hogwash, and just another case of “ old entrants fearing new entrants” as is the common feature in the landscape-or is it netscape.

Professor Arthur McDunkin PhD, Mch., MBA, MBE of the University College London concluded there is some credence in Kerkorian's observation. “diplomaxpress is still the leader in this field with with a market share of 60pc. But that's down 10 percentage points from the same period last year which shows competition is gaining ground”.

An authority on fake credentials, author of two bestsellers 'Contraband Certificates' and 'Our Cheating Society' and writer of numerous papers on the subject, Prof. Arthur didn't fail to notice the improvements in the 'efficiencies' and 'perceived authenticity' of these company's products.

In an experimental study conducted last year, the original diploma was voted fourth [by experts] out of the total five diplomas on display, all of them fake but one .

“ last year it was number three” he said.

The Professor also noted that “these guys have become so good at producing fakes which are more real than the real McCoys; the seals, holograms and all- done with such aviation precision that this is surely evidence of highly skilled workmanship and frankly speaking, the phonies are of better quality paper”

So what's the secret we ask

“ not only is this attributable to modern technology like the HP® laserjet printers, laser guided Holos and nextgen 3D Fuji finepix® DSC[digital still cameras] which uses two 3x zoom lenses instead of one, placed approximately a distance apart like the human eyes, giving an impression of depth, but also the use of Sandalwood pulp and of course, globalisation” bragged Maguire.

“ though illegally logged, Sandal is of a higher quality than recycled cardboard, a preference of many Colleges as it's cheap and the need to please tree-hugging Peaceniks and Greenbelters is also high in their agenda. We don't carry such baggage”

“but again, we don't come cheap. You have to earn your papers” he added.

Succeedonline's Freddy, denied comment as he was busy finalizing paperwork for their forthcoming IPO, this Thanksgiving.
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  1. ...thanks Fake College Diploma. i've been looking all over your site to say something but couldn't find the comment section-still looking though ;)

  2. The good part is, that fakes sometimes are better than the real thing, but that's because they could afford high quality print in their budget vs Colleges who have to use money on Education.

    But the idea of something better than the original, is where recycling the originals in a refurbished higher quality, superior packaging with possible hardware & software upgrades. Can bring back to original "new" price, that which had lost its value...

  3. ...heheheh Jay[my name] that's exactly what they have done. Good observation

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  7. why isnt anyone on the answering my emails ?

    1. Same here....:-( I had some queries but they didnt revert back....

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