Sunday, 4 October 2009


It's been revealed by our (ocassionally) reliable sources that the trip taken by Agwambo abroad was indeed a special invitation by the the Queen of England to be 'Gonged', the common slang for being knighted.

It's further revealed a private after-the-banquet party was held in honour of the the presidential aspirant which was widely described as befitting a “President-in-waiting” with people like Tony Blair, John Major, Cathy Wang and others in attendance, to be knighted, it sure was a night to remember.

“Am very excited by all these new developments. If the Queen is behind me, who can be against me?he he he” Raila was overheard bragging, to Jack Straw the former British Foreign Minister.

“ I knew the monarch had a soft spot for me but this...its simply out of this world. I can't believe am really, really Sir Agwambo is this for real? Can somebody pinch me?” he added.

Meamwhile, the ceremony, the Queen gave a moving speech touching on global warming, stem cell research, mad cow disease and African democracy.

Afterwards,there was lots of waltzing and salsa dancing on the Buckingham Palace grounds till early morning.

According to sources close to Raila, it is alleged the monarch donated £100 Sterling pounds towards Raila's campaign kitty with the Queen's personal donation of £19.82 (from her own purse) and the monarch pledged a further £5.99 a day, towards the last six days of campaigns.

The Buckingham Palace spokesperson was away on holiday to confirm the reports.
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