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...Bin Laden Spotted In City

Osama bin laden may be hiding in city
DN, Oct. 26th 2007


“Osama bin Laden   could be hiding  in a city instead of a cave in the Afghan highlands,”

said Lieutenant- General  Asad al- Musad, a former head of the powerful Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (ISI).
According to Lieutenant-General  al-Musad, it is believed  the terror boss is comfortably  tucked away in some (undisclosed) urban area  enjoying the trappings of his newly found amenities which include a very  big  bubbling Jacuzzi, sauna, indoor gym and  a custom  fitted Sony™  home theatre system complete with an HDTV ready 64” TFT-LCD Sony  Bravia™ flat  panel with a 5.1 channel  Bose™ surround thrown in,  in good measure, among others.
“Things haven’t looked this  up for ‘the boss’’ also fondly referred to as “Mustapha”- meaning the chosen one, by his  close aides and business  associates, among  other flattering titles.
“This is a far cry from the dusty, pathetic, congested, claustrophobic
conditions  of the Tora Bora caves in northern Afghanistan” said Ali al-Akram, a Pakistani goat seller.
“Long live defender of the weak, scourge of the west” he added.
Indeed this is a far cry from the days when Osama had to crawl from one   cave system to another, on his bare belly, like a snake, for 45 minutes, just to decoy the reconnaissance planes.
And when   the tanker bursting ‘birds of prey’   came in, he had to crawl even faster.
“Those were the tough times”   Osama acknowledged in an off the camera remark.
“It was hotter than   Jahanam   down there am telling you. What was I supposed to do?” said   Osama fending off criticism from a section of Taliban religious leaders who   insisted it was not only indecent but most important unreligious for anyone, more so a ‘ great leader’  like him to crawl with only his underpants on, unless one was taking a shower or a swim in an Oasis or the  river Tigris-upon-Euphrates.
Osama later wrote a formal apology.
Many were the times he had to disguise himself as a fakir (beggar) in order   to pass the Pakistani border checks undetected, just to get a puff of opium. “The swine eating infidels razed down our poppy fields” he would grumble.
“I, Osama bin Laden, king of the damned, who strikes fear  in any westerner’s  soul- a beggar! It just doesn’t add up,” he would add.
Those days are long gone now and with every dawn, a new day full of hope and camaraderie beckons.
“The boss smiles a lot nowadays and even gets to see his  wife and kids ( in person, not grainy videos)  once or twice in a blue moon,” said  Abufeisal bin  Mikdad, al Qaeda’s Minister for Family Reunions and Outdoor Activities whose  main job is to  make sure  organization members meet their kin at least once in a lifetime, and where possible arrange picnics and get together' s.
“As for ‘the boss’ I must admit am a bit jealous. In his (undisclosed) location, he gets to live a near normal lifestyle, just like everybody else before 9/11” said bin Mikdad.
According to our sources, Osama has been spotted once (ok, maybe a person who looks like him), leaving a nearby Walmart  store  with several  cans of jell-o and what appeared to be a dozen 700ml bottles of   tomato ketchup. Curious onlookers suspected  a terror attack was imminent but when he pulled by the local snack bar, for 50lbs  of  “Happy  Meals” the rubberneck-ers fears were laid to rest, if at least temporarily.
Sources close to him revealed the terror boss suffered from a severe strain of bulimia. After many years in caves, with barely enough to eat, you can’t blame the man.

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  1. I know of someone who has a GPS Phone that ALWAYS gives the wrong coordinates ESPECIALLY if he shares his location with others. That same person lives in the wrong location in Google Maps, & every time he corrects it, it keeps on moving his location AWAY from his home, NO MATTER how many times he corrects it. So if Special Forces can't find Osama, blame CIA for that, not Bin Laden for being so damn sneaky & hard to find!

  2. ...heheh that guy sure is in a deep geographical mixup and that it extends to google maps-does he live near the Bermuda triangle or something

  3. No, he's living in place where a don't ask don't tell is the agenda BUT they want to promote free speech. Makes him feel like he's a Marine Corp guy confused why his Officers spread rumors about him being gay, & reminding him that it's a don't ask don't tell policy, & he's 100% straight...

  4. you are sick, demented racist who represents your clan perfectly. Thank you for proving my point.