Sunday, 4 October 2009

Dear friend,

“Jac, please turn down the volume on your iPod”

In the tropical heat sipping some coconut punch on this [compulsory] holiday, I believe I rest assured that you’re taking good care of my baby back at work for me and the baby am talking about is of course…you guessed right…my broadband grade Hewlett and Packard personal computer.

It was a shame I wasn’t around to see how it handled on the day Seacom went live but given prior uncompromising reliability and dependability, I have good reason to believe it rose to the occasion; unless something happened to it for the while I’ve been away.

Talking of something happening to it, could be a variety of happenings like that dude who fiddles with horizontal control settings which make the graphics appear on strip like my Titanic VHS tape. This always forces me to undo the settings or if push comes to shove, reset everything back to factory settings.

There’s also this other guy who likes to swap my “Thriller” desktop and my “Off the Wall” wallpaper with Anime characters and Manga superheroes such as Professor Oak, Oceano and others saved under unrelated titles such as ffdk or rbt, or nokia GPRS settings. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but do you how many gigabytes it takes up? Try terabytes. All this non-work related data on the hard disk makes my own facebooking experience as boring as watching grass grow.

Talking of grass, just hoping my grass-green, canvassed, 5-point wheel base, height, back and arm rest adjustable touch typist, ergonomics swivel chair is still in it’s rightful place, that is, in my work station in front of my baby. A quick glance at an angle of depression on your left you can’t miss my Dell® ‘ping-pong’ mouse and just under your nose a correspondingly branded QWERTY keyboard.

I know by now people might be asking, why does this guy still prefer the ‘oddball’ mice compared to the more fashionable, trendy, Y2K-ish and technologically advanced maintenance free optical mice which is the ‘in-thing’ and works on the principle of an LED light, magnified by a magnifying glass which in turn transmits the light to…to hell with the techniks!

The reason I prefer the ‘ball’ is maintenance; which involves turning it upside down, rotating the lid in a counter clockwise direction them scrapping the flaxy fluff from the rollers with a ball point pen cap and voila! Maintenance over, leaving you with an overwhelming feeling of achievement following a task well accomplished.

Last but not least, you can always tell Jacob, the IT guy..oh, sorry, he’s here with me. Never mind.

Anyways my friend, thanks in advance for making sure everything is in place including the peripherals like the black box[kitufe], mouse pad...and since I mentioned it, lemme add that am not a big fan of that mat-like thingamabob and am willing to give it away without a fight as long as you present a strong, watertight case for example if they’re two agents and one uses an ‘oddball’ mouse and the other optical, no way I will give it to the other guy and hey, I know what you’re thinking..biased! the answer is nope!

Obviously the guy with an optical mouse doesn’t need a mouse pad, PERIOD!

But there’s this particular cute ergonomically designed mouse pad at my local cyber with a spongy carpal pad to reduce carpal strain and injury which I really fancied and sometimes entertained the idea of borrowing it without permission but again…that would be stealing.

Sorry for the long winded letter, my return will be as soon as possible and as am typing away, there’s this nice and fuzzy feeling in knowing that I have a friend whom I can count on so I can rest easy, enjoy some peace of mind and goes without saying, tantalizing Taarab music on this portable baby. Ciao!

“Hey, who took my headsets?”
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