Friday, 26 March 2010

Social Scientist Draws Parallels Between Makmende And Samsom

 As Makmende Continues to fascinate the imagination of many in the country, researchers at the University of Nairobi[UoN]  have drawn parallels between the Urban legend and the Biblical Samson.

One overzealous scientists has  gone thus far to theorize Makmende comes from the same bloodline as the Old testament divine Super-hero who once killed 1000 Philistines[ modern day Palestinians] with a donkey's jawbone which makes Makmende  very likely a Kenyan of  Jewish extraction.

"Look at it this way. They are both badasses never mind he is black. So are Ethiopian Jews."

"How else do you explain the long Afro and extraordinary Kung-fu. I dare him to cut it " said Dr. Mark Ochi lead researcher on Makmende at the Department of Social Sciences.

But Lineaologists at Campus dismissed  Ochi's claims as pure imagination.

 "Ochi is a talented Doctor with the gift of a powerful imagination. But he is the same guy who also hypothesized Esther Arunga must be devil possessed-to leave a good job and move to a church. As we know she is happily married now and possibly rich . If anything my personal opinion is she was possessed by the H-Ghost" said  Philip a  third year Theology student with a minor in Psychology at Kenya Methodist University[KeMU] and an aspiring Reverend.

"Jehova Jireh" he concluded.

 "And unlike Samson, Makmende hacheki na wasichana. Ana sura ya kazi.[Makmende does not laugh with girls and has a working face]" said Phillip the Theology Senior.

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