Thursday, 25 March 2010

Makmende-Unravelling The Urban Myth Episode 1

Who is Makmende? So they ask and we are not here to explain either so if you want to know who he really is go look  some place else or relocate.. from China.

As soon as he hit the news and the Kenyan blogosphere was all over this  'Mc-Ossum' superheroes superhero, Newsync reporters instinctively sprang into action to find out more and it turns out we discovered more than we bargained for and in the next couple of posts we will let you in about our exclusive investigative scoops.

 MakCucaracha as they call him in Spain is  a global hit. In  the DC area, he's simply MakRoach. The Republicans call him 'MakCrotch'  which is still a compliment to the Lothario Super-super hero.

It is revealed Makmende  owns a fake diploma website apart from his official one. Diploma Xpress with an estimated market value of USD 1620.6 is a perfectly legal venture specialising in producing authentic looking certificates from any institution of higher learning in the world except a few countries like Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and the North and South poles-for obvious reasons.

In a recent interview Jo-el [no relation], Co-founder/owner of the 400+ member strong anti-Makmende Facebook group at the time of reporting, said "Makmende should be ashamed of himself" for dealing in such un-honourable business activities.

"This only goes to confirm what we thought all along. This guy is actually a fake-just like the certificates he produces"  added Jo-el.

Dmitri"Yevgeny Kaspersky" the other Co-founder/owner of the same group, and a Kenyan of Russian heritage, said we should all be careful as this "Makend* guy" as he put it is actually a bug, a computer virus out to infectmost computers.

"Those without Kaspersky anti virus of course" he added, tongue firmly in cheek.

Another 3 member strong anti-Makmende group owner who refused to identify himself for fear of embarrassing himself in public said Dimitri stole the 'bug idea' from his group's badge.

"As you can see from my page, my download is the photo of a motherboard and a real live bug atop" that's what they stole from me.

The Anti Anti-Makmende group members who simple language pro-Makmende at the
moment described those anti-Mak group members as  losers who should get a life-and a Superhero. One even mockingly suggested a merger of the different Anti-mak groups popping up by the minute with members ranging from 1 to 3.

Meanwhile in other news, Makmende is credited with the surefire passage of  President Obama's Healthcare reform bill which became was a done deal today.

"Am not sure how he did it but this 'Makmender' guy sure knows how to fix the republicans.He is my homeboy-a brotha from another fatherland" said Obama stumbling on his teleprompter.

It is later revealed Obama dropped Superman as his chief Middle East adviser for a yet to be identified Super-Superhero.

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