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KCA to change name, Mombasa Poly to follow suit

Barely two years after it's upgrading and consequent name change to reflect it's new found status,sources close to the Kenya College of Accountancy University revealed the  board  was considering a name  change before the next  graduation ceremony.

It is believed this  follows pressure from the  public, students, Alumni, some lecturers and civil society groups who concluded it was rather ridiculous  that  a College which is now a  University College should be called a 'College of something' University.

"Enough is enough" said a communications lecturer who spoke on condition of anonymity. "We need  name change now or else we are going to come up with an unofficial one before December" added anonymous communications lecturer.

During an interview with Newsync, indeed management argued plans had been underway to come up with a new  name and some of the suggestions include KAU[Kenya Accountacy University] which was deemed visionary since "we won't need  to change that one the day we become a full fledged stand alone University".

But hardliners insisted KCA was okay

"As long as  we keep ignoring what the 'C' stands for just like we've been doing most of last year, well, i don't see anything wrong with that" said Dr. Jakoko Opal   future dean of the soon to be introduced school of political science.

But experts and Alumni warned it will be a PR disaster to take the Kenyan public for fools.

" Sooner or later the public will find out, probably on the internet or...maybe Jicho Pevu what that 'C'  really stands for and things could get ugly". said KCA Alumni Chairperson Wycliffe 'John' 

"You can fool people sometimes but you can't fool all the people all the time" he added.

These sentiment were echoed by Perfunas Mtendo Director/partner of GetItRight   a  motivational speaking company  cum Name Change Consultancy[NCC]

"To begin with, KCA sounds like a future nameplate for a vehicle. Same thing we told Vok[Voice of kenya] a long time ago when they were considering   name  change to KBC [Kenya Broadcasting Corporation]. They laughed at us; they thought we were funny. Now guess who is laughing" said Perfunas.

"Think about it, if VoA[ Voice of America] was as simple as ABC who would take them half as  seriously" he added.

On KAU, Perfunas said it not only was an existing plate number but  also sounded like the name of a defunct political party.

In similar news, Kenya  Polytechnic University College governing body passed a resolution Friday lunchtime, to change it's name back to Mombasa Polytechnic. Members said they could not give details till the news reaches the District education officer but our Poly sources speculated it had something to do with 'accomodation'.

"You know, with Coast province we have many problems.Our kids not making it to University,  this year Abu Hureira[High School]. I mean it also hurts to see a beautiful, well behaved, pure in heart girl cry on tv" said our source.

Townspeople and students admitted the long confusing name printed on the side of the Poly Bus had something to do with it.

"People in town always ask is this a college bus or university bus? we try to explain but end up confusing them  further eventually we tell them to concentrate on the first two words of the long sentence" said Jaffar Ali a Bachelor of technology senior.

Some governing members  however preffered the original name of the institution.

" Oh! how i miss the glory days of MIOME" said  Said Mwapembe board member and  Alumni referring to Mombasa Institute of Muslim Education.

Meanwhile in other news, Khamis Boys[KB] students, a boys only high school just across the Poly  sent a letter to the DEO requesting a name change like Korija Boys [KB] or Killer Beez[KB.

But since the name sounded ok ie Islamic  Ms. Khadija Ali didn't see the  point but the students argued other students from upcountry pronounce the name as 'kamisi', swahili for a female undergarment which they thought was not cool.

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