Saturday, 31 July 2010

Wyclef For President

SADDLE RIVER,New Jersey-  The  world famous recording Artiste/Producer Wyclef  Jean has given hint's he will be running for the November Haitian elections as President.

Though no official announcement has been made by Mr. Jean himself-yet- he has already presented his fingerprints, in person, to the concerned authorities in Haiti and has until August 7th 2010 to register as a candidate.

This announcement naturally has sparked off optimism in the heaven forsaken island plagued by corruption, incompetence but unlike it's parent  continent Africa, prone to hurricanes and earthquakes.

Most Haitians believe Jean is the man to effect this much  needed systemic change but local  critics described him as an "Oreo" - black on the outside and white on the inside- a charge his publicist refused to comment on.

" It's a shame they are blind to the wonderful work Wyclef has done through his Yele Haiti foundation. That should give them a good idea of the compassionate, responsible and actually black man from America they are dealing with here" said Prakazrel "Pras" Michel, Wyclef's cousin, himself an Artiste and firmly in support of his quest to change his home country.

Nevertheless pundits opined Wyclef has no experience in foreign policy or any form of elective politics in that matter and cannot be relied on or rely on his humanitarian activities to make up for everything.

"We understand he's got charisma;he sure knows how to work the crowds, and an open heart but one thing, [in my opinion] they are conveniently leaving out is the not so open books of his organization" said Kirk Whitherkill a political analyst for Fox News referring to financial misappropriations concerning Yele Haiti which made Wyclef Jean cry during an interview explaining he had never channeled any aid money inappropriately  for his personal use.

In other news, his uncle Raymond Joseph who also happens to be Haiti's Ambassador to America announced he will be running for the same post leaving Wyclef's other cousins( apart from "Pras") with a tough familial decision.

"I believe they can reach agreement and  Ray can be his running mate. What i want my baby to know is that in case  it get's too hot in  the kitchen or gawdforbid another major tremblor strikes during his watch, he's always welcome back home" said his mother.

Meanwhile in other quarters, the Tea Party Movement de-facto leader Sarah Palin  said she was happy for Wyclef and the people of Haiti  but would have been much happier if Obama had discovered and considered  that route- earlier.



  1. good for him....pia mimi lava one day l will be a prezzy

  2. Good for him. Just wached it on CNN