Friday, 30 July 2010

The Sun Also Sets- In Catalonia

 CATALONIA,Spain-A vote banning Bull fighting in the Spanish autonomous town of  Catalonia has sparked outrage  from lovers of Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel  The Sun Also Rises.

"This  is a clear upfront of an American hero" said Debbie Applegate of Bedford Park, Illinois and chairperson of the acclaimed novelists fun club, a remark quickly dismissed by a PETA[People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] rep. Illinois chapter as a cheap shot.

 "First of all, what Ms. Applegate is defending contravenes all statements in our slogan; animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment. Second with their backing for paper backs, that club should be more worried about the TreeHuggers bull shit up their [expletive]" said Ann Thorpe on behalf of PETA.

         Michelle Odhiambo(above) and an un-identified PETA lettuce mermaid

Many people and friends of the  Kingdom of Spain supported  the Catalon community's move with the Netherland's Queen Beatrix hailing the Parliamentary decision as a victory towards animal rights but political pundits debated this could be about more than just abolishing Bull fighting.

" I have this nagging feeling the Catalons don't like the Spanish people much. Their culture and language and... but hey, don't treat this seriously it's just a hunch" said Jorge Alejo.

Meanwhile, in related news Michelle Odhiambo, a Ms. Lettuce and Vegetarian for the last 8 years  from Kenya  has acknowledged receiving " we will eat you" and  "i know friends who have eaten you" sms's from her newly launched campaign to ban Bull and Cock fighting practices prominent in Western Kenya communities.

" I was inspired by the Catalonians to start this new campaign after my previous Lettuce costume got a lot of media attention. But these recent threats have forced me and my team to reconsider approach" said the U.S. educated  Ms. Odhiambo denying any suggestions she was chickening out of anything.

Kenyan police are investigating the matter.

 The Bull Running committee for the San Fermin  Fiesta refused to comment on the matter since they were busy preparing and planning for the 2011 but issued a statement instead.

"Following the unfortunate turn of events we should expect an unusually large pouring of spectators to Pamplona. As you can see, this will present a logistical nightmare for us but this also means the signs look good as long as the future of Bullfighting in Spain is concerned ".


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