Friday, 6 August 2010

Lies For Sex Illegal In New Constitution, Says FIDA, Inspired By Israeli Laws

 EAST JERUSALEM, Israel- An Israeli Arab dude called 'Dudu' who allegedly 'raped' an Israeli woman only identified as Maya has appealed  his sentence.

Kashur, 30 a resident of East Jerusalem and whom Israeli and Arab friends  call Dudu a common Isareli name lied to a  woman two years ago. 10yrs her junior, Dudu said he was single[indeed he was married with two kids], was looking for a serious relationship [obviously not] and 100 per cent Jewish [implied by his nickname].

The lady was impressed and within 15minutes of their meet they had done it. Sabbar Kashur took her number which was and the natural, gentlemanly and ok thing to do.  what's not ok is she called her- two years later and that's where the trouble started.

As of the time of press, his 18 month sentenced had been commuted to house arrest pending the appeal hearing, with an electronic RFID thingy to monitor his movements.

 following ill advice from his Arab-American  friends,  'Dudu's' [which is a  nickname for David] pleas of  "I never played 'sax' with that woman"  didn't fool the Israeli police

In other news, an African migrant  male worker  in the Saudi Kingdom was arrested for accompanying a female who was neither his sister, wife, a female relative and obviously not her mother to a parking lot.

On further questioning he admitted he was not an adult  adoptee either.

This followed a week  after an  Arab spy for the Israelis  was nearly stoned to death for having sex with an Arab whore before being rescued by The Saudi general intelligence, Al  Mukhabarat Al A'amah  officers who needed to extract information from him.

Back in Jerusalem, the  International  Association of Jewish Public Service Employees[IAJPSE] was organising a workshop for the City's company's  senior management  regarding the tough Jewish laws regarding boss/secretary relations.

Also reminding them, though unknown to many, it is still illegal for a boss to sleep with her secretary under no circumstance; consensually or otherwise drawing attention to the organisation's 6pillars of Integrity,Allegiance, Judaica, Professionalism, Service and Ethics[IAJPSE].

"And if you are rich and have done it already you should  be crossing your fingers for the next ten years because that's the time period  such a complaint is null and void" added Schlomo Chaim a  civil Attorney  addressing the mostly male participants.

Closer to home the non-profit NGO Federation of Women Lawyers[FIDA] Kenya supported the verdict on Sabbar  Kashur and  promised it's clients, mainly female victims of domestic violence of brand new harsher laws in the  works.

To attract the younger generation 'Y' female crowd, FIDA promised to lobby for the enactment of laws making it illegal for men to lie to women not only for sex but other matters of great importance and concern like their income,age, height, where they live, which car they drive, past relationships and if she is the only one in his life.

"Following the passage of the referendum vote for the new constitution which guarantees  land ownership for women among other rights i think we are covering  good ground" said Fida gender co-ordinator Miss  Magdaline K.


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