Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Cameroon Blames Ball For Defeat

Afrique du Sud- A Cameroonian  player has blamed the Adidas designed synthetic Jabulani ball for their 1-0 defeat against Japan. This heaped on a string of  ball blaming incidents first by  Tanzania's keeper Muharami Mohammed during their friendly defeat against Brazil ,  Algerian coach Madjid Bougherra following a 1-0 defeat against the perceived underdogs Slovenia finally leading Nigeria's Dickson Etuhu remarks 'it's difficult to know where the ball will go after kicking it.'.

 FIFA has so far dismissed the claims asserting the ball was available for practice as far back as February. An official  also noted the Germans did not complain after their 4-1 thrashing of the Aussies but one Nigerian  football commentator Oba Babatunde Ngaido  countered

"that's a football made in Germany what did you expect."

"If anybody has any complaints about the Jabulani they should file an official complaint just like the Europeans did for the Vuvuzela. So far i haven't seen one on my desk" said Sepp Blatter defending the 2010 ball.

 the ball at the center of the World Cup [blame] game captured in a far right Post corner ." FIFA should do enough.A level playing field will only be  achieved with a football made in Africa- not just an African name. After all this is our time"said the CAF President Issa Hayatou a native of Garoua, Cameroon

"You all know am a darling of Africa that's why i wholly supported the Kick Racism Out Of Football campaign and eventually brought the World Cup to you but people you have to understand it's a  bit late to change the ball at this point of the tournament" added Blatter wiping his brow in exasperation.

 Though Afro haters would be wrong to suggest it's only Africans who are calling for a ball change it should be noted that star players like David James(England), Mark Schwarzer(Austaralia), Iker Cassilas(Spain) and Gianluigi Buffon(Italy) are in support.

 "That's a cheat the last four are goal keepers. Go fool an American and for the record, nothing personal but i think the Italian keeper is an old buffoon" said Brian Chadwick an English fan,  three days after their disappointing 1-1 draw against the United States.

Reached for comment the US Coach Bob Bradley said the blame game should stop  quoting the Truman classic 'the buck stops here'.

He also reiterated he still expected a repeat of the 1950 1-0  defeat against England, 60 years ago [should they meet again].

"We will fight this war with everything we've got for as long as it takes" concluded Coach Bradley at a press  conference in Pretoria.



  1. typical of africans! even ruto is blaming face book for his troubles. when shall we ever grow up. didn't the germans play the exact same kind ball and scored 4 goals against australia? we need 2 style up!

  2. I heard compalints from different quarters including top goalies n strikers ati the jabulani ball wsnt good at all. probably tht xplains England goalie's blunder, Algerian goalie's blunder, ronaldo's frustrations wth the free-kicks, robinho n kaka's wide misses, etc

  3. They couldn't see the ball cumming ?

  4. seems so... on the other hand, the ball is sed 2 b behaving like the rudge ball

  5. nope! they changed now it's the altitude not the ball-maybe ball and altitude or altitude affecting ball. clan and wami you guys are right- ur arguments are in the article.

  6. Why are the Germans not complaining? All the participating countries were notified of the change in the ball to be used in the 2010 worldcup. FIFA offered all of them an opportunity to get the new balls. Germany was the only country that wrote back immediately and requested for enough balls to be used in their Budesliga. Notice how comfortable the Germans were in their game with Australia.

  7. i cannot believe this shit? blaming the balls of all the things? Seriously? i want to know what will South africa blame it on..this is really interesting.

  8. It was the vuvuzelas now the jabulani,if they cannot handle the $hit let them get out of the loo!