Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Censoring Mohamed Episode Violates Equal Opportunity Offender Rule, Says Church

 In a classic 'U' turn change of mind the creators of  the popular pint sized animated  tv show South Park decided to sensor their 200th episode.

This preceded an almost global outcry from Muslims following the depiction of Muhammad[saw] in a brown bear suit alongside making fun of other religious figures such as Jesus and Buddha who interestingly remained  'uncensored'.

South Park fans and critics alike were astounded.

But the duo who have come to cut themselves as immovable anything goes,  foul mouthed non-conformists[at least on tv] comic geniuses who had vowed not to budge or buckle regardless of the amount of pressure or where it came from defended themselves by saying it was their network[Comedy Central]'s decision.

"This clearly is a  blatant  violation of the equal opportunity offender rule" said Das Cutchill a fan from the San Fernando area and regular church goer referring to the no holds barred offend-o-meter characteristics of the show.

"The CC executives told us it would be a long shot to  portray Mohamed speaking English and we argued back; so does Jesus but they said Jesus is alive!" said Stone.

"That left us speechless and besides i think they had a point- the best satire should have just enough credibility to test your gullibility" added Trey.

But moderate Muslim fans were not so convinced.

"I believe the very real threat of a 'Van Gogh' on them dampened their sense of humor and rattled them for a while and am not talking about the Dutch artist here. I mean, who wouldn't . We've been  having Ayaan[Hirsi] right here in Washington D.C, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in America but she is still afraid of people finding out where she lives" said Malik Hassan a DC area African American revert to Islam referring to what he said was a 'mild threat' against the two on an American Islamic website and also the anti-Islam Somali born former Dutch Parliamentarian and friend of Van Gogh Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Meanwhile, South Park announced it will create a balaclava clad 'rag head' from now henceforth to depict whom Stone said would be a  character known as Mehmet to  make fun of a fast growing religion which is slowly blanketing all others.

"I would prefer the name 'shit head' because of the blanketing and all you know what am saying. You see Mehmet, which was Trey's idea anyway almost rhymes with Mohamed and i don't wanna die" added Stone.


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  1. it wasn't a good idea and i now hate south park because of that.....!!!!