Thursday, 27 December 2012

Obesity Killing Three Times More Than Malnutrition

Obesity has overtaken malnutrition as a leading child killer according to a new report. This has come as a surprise to most as all pointers showed the world running out of food since the world population hit the 7billion mark this year.

overnourished  is the new malnourished
“This is mockery”   said a representative    from End Hunger Now, a not-for-profit committed to ending hunger on the planet. “How could they do this to us” he re-iterated in reference to no one in particular.

Leaders  from the Horn of Africa condemned this report  explaining it will undo many  years of progress  made raising awareness on the ravages of hunger but pundits  feared  they  were more concerned  about  the potential  fallout as donors  might pull out based  on the misleading Lancet report.

As  policy makers  and dieticians pondered  their next move with an aim to focus on the root cause of obesity, focus groups warned emphasis on kids had the unpleasant   outcome of ignoring   adult   overweight’s, even alienating  them.

“But it could get worse. Resources   might be diverted   from other child killers such as Malaria, choking and ammunition” said Sarah  Aidkin a dietician  with the National Health Service.   
Data  also indicated  child mortality was  generally  down compared to a decade ago, 
 Apple maps  was  getting better  and   stuffed Turkey tasted better  this year than last.

A proposal by Sub-Saharan governments to  initiate a sort of exchange program  as a solution to the fattie malaise  where affected junior citizens from opposite sides of the hemisphere  would switch lifestyles  and location  for a year or two in  an attempt to reverse the trend was politely declined by Western governments  but proposal for  an Africa  for USA concert  is  under consideration   with KFC pledging free chicken nuggets to anyone who walks or bicycles to  the venue.


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