Monday, 24 May 2010

Technically At War North And South Korea Making Good Progress Towards The Real Thing

From Both Sides- News just in reveals the Southern part of Korea has refused to speak with the Northern part. This came as a result of the Northern side torpedoing a southern warship.This has led to a further thawing of relations whereby whilst before the two were on 'talking with' terms, this rapidly degenerated to 'talking to' after the sinking as accusations and counter accusations flew across the demilitarized zone [DMZ] like spitfires on nitro.The final straw came after the ballistic findings.

"We also want our cows back and they can keep the calves and the [bull]shit if they want" said Lie Jijie an angry Southerner referring to the 1001 cows sent over across the DMZ in 2001 by the late Hyundai group founder Chung Ju-yung in accordance with the Sunshine Policy of the South which promised greater interactions and nice feelings between the two Koreas and of which Ju-yung was a big fan.

 Meanwhile, the U.S government was fully behind the South's decision blaming the North for everything while China insisted the U.S wasn't helping an already tense situation. "It's too early to be certainly sure it was a North submarine or torpedo for that matter which sank the surface ship" said the Chinese foreign minister H.E Yang Jiechi.

"there is a good chance another neighboring country's submarine torpedo might have hit the submarine which in turn surfaced automatically as an emergency ship" he added.

Ambassador Yang quietly retracted his last statement after the Russian government complained his hypothesis closely borrowed from the [August 2000] Kursk submarine disaster which claimed all 118 sailors and officer's lives in unexplained circumstances.

This new reality will also mean both sides will expel each other's workers from their jointly run factories in the border,place propaganda blaring speakers facing the other's side at the border,drop WWII like propaganda leaflets without trespassing the other's airspace in short-make it evident to friend and foe they are technically at war without being at war outright.

Pundits speculate there is a good chance Legoland combat troops and Terracotta warriors are expected to feature prominently in the front lines "just in case of a full scale war". At the same time, sound and acoustic Engineers were worried less base from the speakers might not get the propaganda message out clearly since they might be wired in sync[in phase].

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