Thursday, 25 April 2013


In a chat room on the internet the following conversation took place

Me: hmm….wonder what a bank account and toothpaste have in common. Hint: Robert Ackerstrom

Phil Broderick: easy to take out but hard to put back.

Me: it’s refreshing to have a nigga who actually reads or listens to books. Congrats brotha
Phil: am not a nigga

Me: oh!  I wish you were. so my comments would come  to pass just like Dr. Kings “I Have A Dream”. We have a black president who’s ‘not that black’ just like the first black secretary of state

Phil: but am happy you are so I guess your prophecy is self fulfilling, literally.

Me:  sorry to bust your bubble dude. Am no nigga either, am African

Phil: can it be fixed

Me: no can do and am not waiting forty years

Phil: good luck.  You’ll need it

Me: yuck fou bro

“reading makes a  full man; conference makes a ready man; and writing an exact man” – Francis Bacon


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